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Latest TSBs

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Following TSBs now available online...

2002 Model - TQI (Dealer Prep) Info: click here
2002 Model - Nav TQI Info: click here
Remote Programming and Part Nos: click here
Engine Oil Leaks: click here
Tranny Exchange Info: click here

More to come in a couple of weeks (incl seat rail movement, loose rear wiper arm, and buzzing from throttle cable bracket).
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Thanks for posting the TSB's Worm. Though I am waiting till April for my X any information I can read and learn about the X makes the wait a little less painful.
I've got to say, the oil leak TSB was alarming-

not that they get leaks, but that it is so common they have TSBs, and that they use a micky-mouse 'smear epoxy on it' method to fix it.

It does let one know where to look as they do inspections (as the warranty period is about to expire, perhaps?)

TheWorm said:

More to come in a couple of weeks (incl seat rail movement, loose rear wiper arm, and buzzing from throttle cable bracket).
Worm: Is the seat rail movement going to allow me more leg room in the drivers seat? Or is this the rocking that I have noticed lately?

Re: Re: Latest TSBs

MGTD said:
Worm: Is the seat rail movement going to allow me more leg room in the drivers seat? Or is this the rocking that I have noticed lately?

I appears to address the "excessive movement" of the seat during turns and acceleration/deceleration. According to the brief description I saw, anyway.
Is there up to a particular build date that these problems are most common ?

great info by the way

seat rails

BTW, I had alot of noise from the front passenger seat and mentioned it when I brought it into the dealer a copule of months ago. They reordered a new base which included the rails and put it in a week later, no further problems. They never mentioned a TSB on the problem at that time.

I also had the right window rail replaced because the window rattled. All at the same time.
Loose Rear Wiper


What do you know about the "Loose Rear Wiper" TSB?

Yesterday I went to put a bag in the rear and I noticed the wiper blade was off the glass and down about 3 inches onto the paint. I went to put it back on the glass area, and there was no tension on the arm at all. It will actually spin 360 degrees.

The wiper worked fine a couple of days ago during the rain and I am not quite sure how or why it is broken. It has never been abused, NO automatic car washes, etc.....

Has anyone else had this problem?

I am taking the "X" in this week for the 15K maintenance, side mirror drip fix, overfill fix (attempt, anyway) and I'll have them look at this problem too. By the way, the dealers initial quote for the 15K service was $338.00!!!!

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Thanks to TheWorm and ?????

1ST: To TheWorm -- Appreciate your taking the time to post this information ... Steven

2ND: The Type-B [JB Weld] "oil fix" sounds hokey to me. Does anyone out there know whether this is "proper" vs. a jerry-rig? I really am having trouble with the concept of fixing an oil leak by applying anything to the OUTSIDE. How long could this possibly last?

3RD: Sounds like Acura has identified at least 6 different oil leak problems [e.g. can occur at 6 different locations]. Is this typical of aluminum block engines or is this a special Honda/Acura problem?
Re: Loose Rear Wiper

dkarys said:
What do you know about the "Loose Rear Wiper" TSB?
Nothing more than there's a TSB for "loose rear wiper". Haven't seen the TSB itself -- just the title. Same goes for the other "coming soons" I mentioned. I'd bet $ that your symptom is covered by it, though!

(srpbep - good question on the oil leak/block issues!)
I had an oil leak on my MDX right after I received it. It was a bad rear main seal. They had to drop the engine and replace the seal. This was not the same kind of leak as the above discussed ones.

I just checked this morning and so far no leak after 2 months (knock on wood).
I have a question since it list 2002 models for TSB.

I have a build date of April10th, is there a date when it supposed to be corrected at the factory. Should I ask the dealer upon delivery if any TSB where issued and if they were have they been addressed on the X I am buying, I dont want to sound like a know it all.

Can someone post up the TSBs for the 2001 MDX?

I know that there is on in regards to the 2nd row of seats not reclining and not folding.
You wouldn't happen to have the X wiring diagram so I can have someone install a remote start alarm system . I am hearing it's hard to have the aftermarket alarm integrate with the factory. I am trying to get as much info so I can have it installed properly.
Wow -- hadn't noticed Warzau's or Team's posts til now.

  • Warzau: Most TSBs indicate a VIN range of effected cars. It is worth asking if there are any TSBs that might need to be done, tho. Once a TSB is issued -- and by the time we get it here (or on Hondacuraworld's site) -- it should have already been corrected at the factory. However, there are some TSBs that are more maintenance or "tips and tricks" related: "Customer have a squeaky sunroof? Fix it like this..." type of thing.
  • teamTMS: the 2nd row seat cable issue is posted at in the "service bulletin" area. The link is at the bottom of the homepage over there.
  • Maximus: service and electrical manuals are available from Helm:
Any new TSBs?

It's been a while, have these other TSBs ever been issued?

I was told by my service manager that there is a TSB coming out soon to fix the 'click' caused by the rear disk brake pad shifting the first time you back up and stop, and again the when you go forward and stop. He said there would be shims to hold the pads in place included with the TSB. Anyone heard anything about this? I would like to get this fixed....every time I back up all 4 of the pads shift at different times and it sounds like my MDX is cracking it's knuckles.
Rear Wiper TSB??

Worm or anyone,

Any news on a TSB for the rear wiper droop? I had the dealer adjust last time in for service (under warranty). Doesn't droop as bad, but still not where it should be.

I would like to see if a TSB really exists. Anyone??

Don't know if anyone else has noticed this but there are now a lot of TSB's for the MDX on the NHTSA site that weren't there up until about a week ago. They are under Acura Truck and include the droopy wiper, sunroof noise and so on.
I don't have (and haven't seen) the rear wiper TSB, but one does exist. You can get the # and summary off NTHSA. Wish we had the text -- that one's probably an easy DIY and a tremendous waste of time to have to go to the dealer...
If anyone is looking for the "NHTSA" web site it is:


It is NOT [definately NOT]!!
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