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Latest Shots !!!

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Hello Fello X'ers.

Finally got shots after wash w/ all the necessary mods that I'm gonna put on. I think I'm done now, so just wanted to share. Obviously, I'm quite the proud parent. But you guys understand !


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Post On McDuff

And cursed be he that first cries - STOP, ENOUGH :D
Shakespeare had it right, we're all proud and this is what the gallery is for - SHOW & TELL for grown ups. Great shots by the by.

Meep Meep
Thanx RR,

I knew someone would understand. It took so long to get any response on my slvr beauty. Can always count on you!
Smooooooth looookin' ride! (For a silver) :)
It's The Count - Not the Comments!

Remember, just because people don't post a response doesn't mean they aren't looking and enjoying your pictures. You may have had only two comments but a lot of people were looking. You just couldn't hear them ohhhh and ahhhhhh!

Meep Meep
RR, is right ...

... prior to this post I noticed that there were 296 views - so people are looking!
Great Pics

You are behaving absolutely appropriate as a proud new papa should of their new baby. One difference - this one only needs oil not diaper changes!:D :D :D
Looks great

GTO -- the MDX looks awesome. I love the SS -- looks slippery.

I think that you need to ditch the black dealer license plate frame and get something more fitting from Tim, though.
Silver rules!! No wonder Acura chose it to grace the front cover of their brochure on the MDX!:D :D
GTO-Dave ......

Very nice looking "X". Don't worry - if I ever get mine, you'll see several pics posted as well!! Keep them coming - I love looking at diff pics & what the options look like on various colors.

Also - thanks again for all the color schemes you have posted for the MDX - it certainly helps all those who are waiting and trying to decide what color looks good.

Thanks again :)

*wiping slobber from chin*
Very nice.

I'd get rid of the plate frame too...either go bare or a nice frame...

Nice Work and congrats--she's a beauty!

WOW !!!

Responses already in.

Thanx everyone.
Finally finding good use for my digital cam. I'm glad everyone likes the ride. Maybe biased, but who cares. We know were cool, and smart shoppers too.

Yur right, gotta change plate frame.

Glad I can be of help in the color and accesory dept.
Just flexing my photoshop skills.
I love the MDX in Silver! I wonder tho, what would the X look like in a darker grey ... I'm thinking in lines with the color of the defunct civic wagon?

add ons

other than the side moldings (which are hot!) what did you add on? this is a base model, right? also, where did you get those sweet moldings?
This is the base. moldings from Sportwing, door edge guards from Trax auto. A whole 10 Bucks. They're not long enogh so ya gatta buy 2 sets and splice.
Add ons include:

Full 360 metal window tint film
Bug deflector
Blk manics
Rear mud grds
Full Size Spare
Cargo Tray & Net
& a whole lotta attitude


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Love the door guards. What color are they?? What's the model number? Did you put them only on the back doors? Can't really tell from the pics.



P.S. Nice car! Silver's my favorite too.
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