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Known problems with 2002 model?

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Hello. We are presently shopping for an SUV and find nothing that drives as well as the MDX for the money, not to mention other positive points.

Are there any recurrent problems that any of you 2002 owners may have noticed but not posted here? (It appears that most posts are for 2001 autos and the ones that caught my eye were a "howling" which was thought to come from the frame not being filled with foam, I believe), problems with the Nav or trip computer, and sloshing in the gas tank.) I had read a review that talked about the headlights and that the driver was concerned that he was outdriving them at 60 mph. Our local dealership has no MDX's for test driving, unfortunately, so I cannot check it out.

Ken K
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I got mine two weeks ago. I just can't stop to drive it everyday. If I didn't drive to work in the morning, then I will try to drive it out after dinner time.

so far, there is no problem with it, except it drinks too much gas. well, I did expect that before I buy it. :D

I am sure everyone loves this SUV. :cool:
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