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Some ******* (Edited by Acura4Life) just keyed my MDX in the parking deck where I work. Three big, deep scratches along the driver and rear driverside doors. Down to the primer. Both doors have to be painted.
Why do people do that? What possible benefit did this ******* (Edited by Acura4Life) hope to gain?
In this time of national crisis and unity don't people have more important things to worry about?
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Hi Feng,

Sorry to hear about your 'DX being keyed. So many times I want to guess whether it is the malicious act of a kid or an adult?!?

I just wonder of the insurance covers it or not (assuming you have a small deductible). Please let us know how much it costs to repair the damage.

Do you mind sharing the name and address of the shop for the SF Bay Area MDXers? Thanks.
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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