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So here's a fun one - I'm writing this as a memorial to the issue, I think I've diagnosed it all the way down to the key fob being the culprit; just hoping now that there's some magic key sequence I can press to reset the fob (or that acura can do with a scan tool)

I came out to the garage to find the tailgate open (glad i wasn't parked in a way that the tailgate could've been damaged)

Spontaneously, my Driver 1 Remote Start Key Fob stopped working.....ish.

*The car recognizes the key passively and door handles/buttons will lock, unlock the door, no problem with start button, no battery warning on the MID
*when outside the locked car, touch-unlocking the door handle causes the tailgate to power open
*with the car unlocked, subsequent touches to any sensor handle will trigger the tailgate
*with the car unlocked/tailgate/doors closed, the tailgate will open after a few minutes (a single yellow 'blip' is seen on the key ~ 5min after unlocking), so if the key is in range, the tailgate will open.

*none of the keys on the fob work to lock/unlock/tailgate/panic or start the car
*none of the keys, when clicked, trigger the onboard led
*the only signs of life are, the doors unlock when car handle is triggered and a single yellow blip happens on the key.

Changing batteries didn't help
Leaving the battery out for a few days didn't help

The non-remote start fobs as well as Driver 2's remote start fob work fine, though the car goes into Driver2 profile obviously if the key is used, so currently I'm using the fob to warm the car in the morning and use the non-RS Driver1 key for daily use.


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Well the good news is its just the key fob. Have you gone to the dealer for that. I'm curious as to the resolution. Please post back the results.
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