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(Apologies if someone's already posted on this; I searched and didn't find anything.)

Kelly Blue Book now has values on used 2001 MDX's. They hadn't previously because there weren't enough sales to establish the value.

This link will take you to the "trade-in" values, which is what they claim a dealer will give you (as opposed to a private sale, which they also have).

Just for laughs, I queried for a few sample trade-in values for my zip code (Redmond, WA) ...

Touring w/o Nav, 18k miles, excellent condition: $32,995 "trade-in value" (88.1% of the original MSRP purchase price w/o accessories).

"Retail value" is $36,835 (price to sell to private party; note this is fairly overstated, as discussed below).

- Running boards add a whopping $100
- Nav adds $685

(Note that with resale values, accessories usually bring in small fractions of their original price.)

Premium w/o Nav, 18k miles, excellent condition: $30,405 "trade-in value."


- No one knows how the vehicle will depreciate in future years, or how newer vehicles will depreciate. The MDX's initial popularity may be making early used values higher than it'll eventually be.

- KBB pricing is structured to benefit the auto dealer. Trade-in values are usually low-balled to favor the dealer, and then some dealers try to go under the value. Retail values are usually inflated and are often a starting price before negotiations.

- Since MDX's are generally selling at MSRP or above, the percentage of actual value retained may not be as good as a heavily-discounted competitor.

That said, here's how some competitors did:

2001 Lexus RX300, 18k miles, excellent condition, well-equipped (no Nak or nav): $30,395.
2001 MB ML320, 18k miles, excellent condition, well-equipped: $32,365 trade-in.

The Lexus probably sold for around $36k - $37k, the ML320 for $39k - $42k.

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I agree. You probably can't really use these numbers for anything unless you plan to trade your vehicle today. There are so few used MDXs out there the numbers don't mean much in the long term. More interesting will be in 3-4 years when many people's leases run out and typically, many will also trade during this period. The increased supply of used MDXs will even affect the value of one year trades. The ML and RX300 have already gone thru this cycle.

Given that many people have paid MSRP+ for their MDXs the numbers you listed don't seem out of line. In any case on any particular vehicle, resale depends upon the local market, the condition of the vehicle, and how much it differers from a new version. If Honda makes alot of changes to future MDXs the resale will not be as good.

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This is what I got on KBB for my B/B T+N in Texas.....(with only $485 bucks for my Nav system!), or about 88% of what I paid.

Incidentally, Money Magazine pegs the MDX to return 48% of MSRP after 5 years. Better than only 4 other cars out of about 450 evaluated. Not bad.

Engine: V6 3.5 Liter
Trans: Automatic
Drive: 4 Wheel Drive
Mileage: 7,000

Air Conditioning
Power Steering
Power Windows
Power Door Locks
Tilt Wheel
Cruise Control
AM/FM Stereo
Compact Disc
CD Changer/Stacker
Premium Sound
Navigation System
Dual Front Air Bags
ABS (4-Wheel)
Dual Power Seats
Moon Roof
Roof Rack
Privacy Glass
Premium Wheels

Consumer Rated Condition: Excellent
"Excellent" condition means that the vehicle looks great, is in excellent mechanical condition and needs no reconditioning. It should pass a smog inspection. The engine compartment should be clean, with no fluid leaks. The paint is glossy and the body and interior are free of any wear or visible defects. There is no rust. The tires are the proper size and match and are new or nearly new. A clean title history is assumed. This is an exceptional vehicle.

Trade-In Value $35,390
Trade-in value represents what you might expect to receive from a dealer for this consumer owned vehicle. Keep in mind that the dealer must then absorb the cost of making the vehicle ready for sale, advertising, sales commissions, arranging financing and insurance and standing behind the vehicle for any mechanical or safety problems.


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Real life example

Those prices seem consistent with one I saw on a dealer lot this weekend. It was on the used lot at a Cadillac dealership (traded for Escalde??). It was a Mahogany Pearl Touring w/o nav sold in 11/00 with 28,159 miles on the odo. The only accessories I could see were mud flaps and fender flares. According to the window sticker the dealer is asking $36,998. I'm sure they would deal down some, but that is very close to the original price for a 1 1/2 year old care with almost 30,000 miles!!!

- Conrad

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I just noticed that finally has posted used MDX prices. I like their TMV concept for both new and used vehicles.

Here is what they say about Kelley Blue Book and how you should negotiate around KBB lowballs:

"Our advice is simple: If a salesperson whips out a copy of the dealer edition of the Kelley Blue Book and points to one of its retail prices, say to him or her: "It is nice to know the price that Kelley thinks dealers are asking for this car, but can you show me what dealers are actually selling this car for?"

And if the dealer says that Kelley doesn't publish those values, ask him to tell you the dealer retail True Market Value® for the car. That TMV® price is the estimated average selling price for your car, and it's what you need to know to negotiate a fair price."

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I traded my 2001 MDX touring w/ 7,020 miles for $32,500. It has moonroof visor, BSM, cargo cover, cargo net, and wood shifter. Dealer told me that they only put fair for car condition when using KBB. It was valued at $29,500+ but I haggled until we reached $32,500 which was about the value in KBB if you only put it in "good" condition.
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