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Keep or purchase a newer MDX?

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Hi, just found this site. I own a 2004 MDX touring with 214K miles. Issues are starting, like the flashing D5 light occasionally, AC problems. I love the drive and smoothness of this car but want to drive some long distances now that I'm retired and want a reliable vehicle. Thoughts?
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You've had a good run, especially because your car is on the list of MDX model years to avoid. You mentioned reliability is important to you, and that appears to be an issue. I think you've answered your own question. It's time for a new or new-to-you car. Maybe another MDX?
I'd recommend a 2015 mdx, or even 2014.
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Issues and random failures with the 5AT for the 1st Gen MDX was the achilles heel for the model. The A/C system sounds like normal age related wear/tear. The out-of-pocket cost to repair could be a pretty good down payment on newer used MDX along with what you get for trade/sell of the 04 MDX.

I would also second a 14 or 15 MDX along with sh-awd in tech or Adv trims if price is a factor. Prices are mostly regional and depends on mileage more that trim levels. I ended up flying from NM to CA to purchase my 18 RLX back in 2019. It was cheaper for the wife and I to fly one-way and drive back with overnight stays in Reno and Las Vegas compared to paying local prices.

Check out your Acura dealership, AutoTrader, or CarMax to see if a 14/15 MDX is nearby to test drive. The biggest issue is finding a 14/15 MDX that had the timing belt service done. It should be done every 7 years or 100,000 miles minimal for around +/- $2000 at a dealership.
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