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K&N Performance Filters

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Thank you to all the memers for a great web site:D I have a 2002 Tour/Nav on order, and this website has been super at getting me started in the right direction.

Has anyone installed a K&N air filter? I use one on my BMW Z3 and it gives a very noticeable improvement in performance:cool: I see from the K&N website: that they carry one for the MDX (#33-2200) Has anyone tried one? Tim, if your'e reading this, does Hondacuraworld carry this? (PS: You'll be getting a big order from me soon!) If no one has tried one, I'll do a thread report, after my "baby" arrives. Happy and safe MDXing to all.
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K&N more than meets the eye

If you do a little research on K&N filters, you will find they are not a gimmick, and not hardly in the same category as exhaust tips.
Their one major advantage over stock paper filters if the ability to take a high contamination load (dirt) and still 'breath' adequately.
While it is unlikely most drivers will encounter such conditions, the ruggedness and servicability of the filter makes it an economical choice as it never needs to be replaced. It is generally cleaned around 40 to 50 thousand miles (cleaned and coated).
The power advantage is over-played in the ads, but what else is new?
As stated, cooler and denser air supporting more engine power is not a function of the filter, but rather how the air is routed into the engine (and through the filter). K&N does offer kits for many cars for rerouting the air intake to a cooler location. The K&N has better air flow as the result of a design that has more surface area. It is inherent in that design that it can effectively handle more dirt before clogging, versus a standard paper filter.
The materials are also more robust than pleated paper providing longer life.
From a pure cost basis, and changing out a paper filter every 12,000 miles (personally, I would not run one longer) the K&N probably has an edge.
But it's not that great. I use synthetic oil too, but the the advantage over premium conventional oil for MOST climates, is probably negligible. It all gets down to personal choice.
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It does look pretty good!

Actually, the K&N does look neat. But, damn, it's always in the air box so it's a hassle to have to pull it out all the time to look at it!
That won't work for me either, I don't like to even pop the hood unless it's for maintenance.
But I confess, I have been known to drool over the engine compartment of a new car the first few days.
The only real advantage of the K&N is that it's efficiency will remain higher as the contamination load increases. I am not convinced it is as efficient as a well designed wetted-foam filter.
Either would be superior to a paper filter in this regard, the HP hype notwithstanding.

Naturally such after-market filters lend themselves to intake tuning much more readily than the factory setup. How much an improvement, is questionable IMHO. But from a pure design concept there should be some, whether it is significant or even noticeable can only be borne out with actual measurements for comparisons.
All such improvements can be additive. The biggest changes probably from exhaust or whatever else can be done to the engine without compromising emssion or dirivability requirements.
Therin lies the rub.
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ardvarkus said:
Hey Dale

Clovis?!? Didn't you used to hang here by my office? (Redwood City?)

man, I've been away too long!

YUP! Been down here spending bay area money for about 8 mos. now. Good to see you again!
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