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K&N Performance Filters

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Thank you to all the memers for a great web site:D I have a 2002 Tour/Nav on order, and this website has been super at getting me started in the right direction.

Has anyone installed a K&N air filter? I use one on my BMW Z3 and it gives a very noticeable improvement in performance:cool: I see from the K&N website: that they carry one for the MDX (#33-2200) Has anyone tried one? Tim, if your'e reading this, does Hondacuraworld carry this? (PS: You'll be getting a big order from me soon!) If no one has tried one, I'll do a thread report, after my "baby" arrives. Happy and safe MDXing to all.
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Yes,I installed one about 2 weeks ago in my MDX. It is definetly less restrictive than the stock one. You can tell just by looking at the difference in thickness, etc..

I've noticed a slight (less than 1 mpg) gas mileage improvement. I do not notice a seat in the pants acceleration difference though..

Hope this helps!

There are two type of K&N filters. The first type is a replacement of the stock air filter in the same location. Assume there is niether gain or loss of HP. I buy it just for the fact that it will be the last one I buy.

The second type is a conical air filter that eliminates the air-box and depending on how installed can pull air in from the engine compartment or if a cold air induction kit is used will pull outside air in just like the restrictive air-box. The advantage being the air-box is "restrictive" and helps to silence the incoming air-flow.

Finally, in our all stock MDX's, the K&N will most likely not make much of a performance difference. However, more air is not only accomplished by the filter, but buy the efficiency of the air intake system. (Pipe, Mass Air, EGR Plate, Throttle Body, and Intake Manifold). So if in the MDX the air filter is the most inefficent part of the equation, changing it will improve enging preformance, if it isn't no noticeable gain will be achieved.
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Alright, I'll replace inefficient with restrictive. Granted I do not think that Acura would put a blatantly ineffective air filter in their cars. And yes, I like the way it looks and it makes me feel better. Above that, what else really matters??

And I did forget to mention that in today's computer controlled cars, sometimes no matter waht you do won't make a difference because the computer will compensate, which is why "chip tuning" is becoming popular.

One last note, you also have to understand that Acura does not know the type of driving conditions that their vehicles will be in and have to allow for the vehicle to be adaptive to any climate even if it means sacraficing performace. For example, it recommends 91 octance, but what if you live in area that doesn't have it or you mess up and put in 87. (it has happened, Amoco's blue handle is 87 and chevron's is 92 here...).

Anyways, just my two cents.
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I agree. It does take lots of $$$ to make any seat of the pants noticeable difference. I actually figured out with my mustang it would have been cheaper to take a stock motor and add a turbo/supercharger than to do the rebuild I did. Probably would've made more horsepower to boot.

The DVD's and wheels are nice and BOTH are a lot of $$$ as well...

However, on that front in March there is a company (still doing reserach here) that is going to offer a plug and play device to put TV/DVD/VCR input into the NAV screen... Acording to the radio shop retail should be $400.. (It includes a TV Tuner and antenna) When I find out more I will post it...

Please post the results of th re-route, etc... If it makes a difference I may try it as well...

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