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K&N Performance Filters

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Thank you to all the memers for a great web site:D I have a 2002 Tour/Nav on order, and this website has been super at getting me started in the right direction.

Has anyone installed a K&N air filter? I use one on my BMW Z3 and it gives a very noticeable improvement in performance:cool: I see from the K&N website: that they carry one for the MDX (#33-2200) Has anyone tried one? Tim, if your'e reading this, does Hondacuraworld carry this? (PS: You'll be getting a big order from me soon!) If no one has tried one, I'll do a thread report, after my "baby" arrives. Happy and safe MDXing to all.
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I installed them on both the MDX and CL a few weeks/months ago and it does seem like both rev up faster than before. No real quantitative numbers though and I didn't reset the ECUs as some people have done.
I also noticed that on the CL it will not go a little past red line before shifting whereas before it would shift at the red (which really isn't the true red-line).
I think it is worth the money.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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