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Just thought I'd mention..

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I finally made it by to get the wood steering put on today that I paid for back about a month ago. Well - first thing is that they only had the one that went with the tan interior and I have ebony. They apologized and said the box wasn't labled correctly - ordered another. Things happen. What I really wanted to mention was..

I'd just noticed this past week a couple of inches alone the edge of the passenger door a thin line of rough loking/feeling surface. You can't see it easily until the sun hits it just right. I asked them to see if they could get this out thinking it was probably glue from shipping ( where they put stuff on the vehicle to protect it). The service guy though the same thing.

Now they say it seems to be in the paint. They'll look more at it when I come back for the steering wheel installation...but they may have to do some "paint work". I've never had a dealer do "paint work". Only a body/paint shop. I just wonder if anyone else has had a similar type situation and if their experience was that dealers can handle this, it'll be un-noticeable etc. Anyway - a little concerned - but not overly.

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That rough area in your paint, if along the bottom of the door, could be the infamous 'orange peel' effect I read about in some other car forums. This was said to be done purposely to a car in order to hide everything from scratches to dings from road debris as you drive your car more and more. Not sure if this was ever talked about here. A lot of people expressed dissapointment about it, but ultimately, didn't become too much of a issue.
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