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Just received my Granite Green Touring/Nav!

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I just received my new 2002 MDX! Ive been waiting about a month. I had one on order with about a month wait and about $1500 over accessory MSRP, and $500 deposit.

I called around and several days later found another dealer who told me I was lucky, as he just had a cancellation and would put me in that person's place. He did not require a deposit, cost = MSRP plus rear mud guard, wheel locks and fender wells. The fender wells were just black ruber molding to protect the fenders that they put on all their cars. I did not care for them, and I was able to delete them. I did pay a little extra to get the other accessories (see below) but I didnt want to bother ordering them or putting them on. Although the accessories were more than Tom's prices, they were much cheaper than what many other dealers by me wanted to charge.

I decided not to get body side moldings. My current car, a Ford Windstar, had large moldings, and I still had many door dings (which ding master did miracles removing). I keep feeling the MDX moldings will eventually lift up, (I saw one on an MDX at the dealer, and it was already lifting slightly away in several places). Whats nice about the MDX is if I change my mind, I can always add them later.

I got the warranty ($1525 for 7 yr, 100k, no deductable). My last two cars (1995 Windstar and 1985 Cadillac Sadan Diville) both had to have their engines replaced (72K and 50K miles), as well as lots of big ticket items, so I rather be safe, even though everyone says the Acura is very reliable. My file on my Ford is over an inch thick. I dont trust my luck, and figure I would be the one to get the problems.

I almost ordered the wood steering wheel, but decided the price was already getting too high.

I bought the towing package for the purpose of adding a bike holder, which I need to do some research on. I want one that will swing away. I got the coolers just to complete the package just in case I later decide to tow something.

I bought my car at Metro Acura in Monclare and dealt with Tom there. He was very helpful, and even drove me there today to pick up my car on his day off (he also happens to live about 2 miles from me, coincidently). Tom was the one who happened to answer the phone when I first called about the MDX, and I happened to be lucky enough to call right after a cancellation, which got me the car quickly. The dealer I left the deposit with never did call me yet about my car, which had the same build date Metro quoted me (12-8 to 12-12, actual date 12-12). I called him to cancel my order.

Unfortunately, by the time my car was ready today, it was already dark. I will have to wait until tomorrow to see it in daylight.

I cant believe how quiet the car is. The dealer pointed out that before I start my car, make sure the tach is sitting at 0. When he told me, I didnt realize it was still on. This is comparing to my Ford Windstar, which is quite obvious that its on. So far, my only complaint is the black carpet is already dirty for a brand new car. I can see where I will need to vacuum the carpets often.

I still need to order the weather type floor mats and need to decide which ones to get.

I like to thank all on this forum for all the tips I have read. I originally was considering the Mercedes and Lexus, also the Olds Bravada, but the MDX was the one that rode the best.
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I got my GG2001 tour/nav from Montclair at MSRP also and I was able to drop the paper work expenses which were a couple hundred $. The tow hitch is great for rear protection as well as towing. Don't compare it to a Windstar or you will hurt its feelings. Much more reliable then anything FORD makes.

Congratulations on your 'X, and welcome to the Club. You are right about the engine. It is quite. Also, the wind noise is good. It's the road noise which bothers me.

Once again, good Choice and Enjoy it.
Lucky You

Congrats on the new mdx. I too am driving a Windstar that I can't wait to unload....Probably another six weeks. It knows the inside of the Ford dealer service shop very new motor thought:D

Enjoy the ride.
Congrat on the new toy! I am sure you will enjoy it for a long long time.

:) Congratulations to your new MDX! If this is your first navigation, you will find it invaluable and fun! I just took my first road trip. When you travel, you will find the navi just such an assurance when driving at day or night and to a place you don't know. Compared with the old way of talking to the passenger or checking the road map on your own, the driving is now just a joy... The driving is a joy with the MDX, and a wonder with navigation added.

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