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Just Bought a 2002 188 GG

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See my dealer rating for Acura of Pasadena.

Some trivia:

Port of Entry - Buffalo
Delivery Point - San Francisco
Transportation Method - A70 San Bernadino (not sure what this means)

MSRP, No forced accessories. Next stop ... Honda Acura World :cool:

I must have spent at least an hour inspecting the vehicle and found no obvious defects. Dust on the paint and bits of duct tape on one of the jack points was all I found. No dings, dents, nor scratches. As suspected, and reported by others, the tire pressure was 38 PSI (6 PSI over the recommended cold pressure). A tip for those who are still waiting, bring your maglite and a tire pressure gauge.
The oil was so clean, it was hard to tell what the level was. :p

Below is a picture of my MDX with my sales rep (Michell Zhang). The green cast is from the flourescent lights in the service area (so much for auto white balance). I also down sampled and resized so hopefully it loads quickly and doesn't look too bad.


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Lookin' GREAT!!!

bef: I'm very impressed! But one question. How come Michell didn't take a picture of YOU next to that beautiful car???

Another Great Looking GG MDX.

Welcome to the family:D
Congrats to another fellow So Cal MDX owner!:)


Same question as Marne had ... why not you in the picture?

I found that dealing with Acura of Pasadena was a real pleasure. Although I did not buy my car from them, their professionalism in dealing with me was just excellent.

Can you say "road trip!"!!!

Man, I'm gonna be out of control by the time mine arrives (like I'm not already)!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!
Congratulations -- I'm very jealous! My build date is this week, so I know it won't be much longer, but the wait is killing me!

When was your build date???
Re: Congratulations!!!!

nanisworld said:
Can you say "road trip!"!!!
Hey, That's my line:D ......... oh well, in any case, I second the motion!

Meep Meep
Thanks all.

Actually Michelle takes Polaroids of all her customers and keeps them in an album on her desk. This was a good week for Michelle in which all 3 MDX's that arrived on Monday were destined for her customers.

Michelle did offer to use camera to take my picture along the new MDX but she's much more photogenic than I am. ;)

I'll post more pictures once I get more organized. I installed daylight balanced FL lights in my garage so in theory I should be able to take better pictures.

Tomorrow I'll take a short trip down to Irvine. Not a true road trip but more than just driving to work.

I can't wait until I get all my accessories!!

I never knew what the build date was.
When I contacted Michelle, she told me that it was already scheduled for delivery for 11/26 so immediately left work, drove through horendous traffic through downtown LA, and left a deposit with her.

I'm # 2833. I'll have to find Marne's post on VINs again.

I just cancelled with Peyton in Torrance (build date 11/21-25) and Cerritos (unknown build/delivery) so either people moved up in the list or 2 188 MB's are available.
Vin# list?

Since no moderators seemed to bite on my suggestion in another thread, I'll try again here:

With all this interest in tracking VINs, finding close build dates, etc., is it possible to create a spreadsheet-like page on this site to list MDXs by abbreviated VIN#? That way we can spot close relatives, etc.

OK, I'll stop trying this idea after this...

- ablank

I am not sure when you put your deposit, but I did put mine at Pasadena on November 7 for a 188 GG, delivery time frame of 11/28. I cancelled it on 11/16 after I got mine from Cerritos. Not sure if we were trying to get the same truck!

Acura of Pasadena was very fast in refunding the deposit.

I put down my deposit on November 14 so maybe your cancellation is still available!

I arrived at the dealership after 4:30 last night and it didn't seem like anyone else was picking up their MDX. I left there at about 7:30.
I didn't order any dealer installed accessories and it was scheduled to be ready at 2:30. Its possible the other 2 (all 3 arrived Monday night) were either picked up earlier or were still being prepped.

I just cancelled my deposit at Cerritos that was placed on October 23. I was second on the list for a 188 MB and they had no idea when it would arrive. Did they make you pay $228 for the rear mud flaps and wheel locks?

I also cancelled my deposit for a 188 MB at Torrance where I was first on the list and it should be in transit right now.

Yes, I had to pay the extra $238 for accessories. However, now they started including the cargo tray, which was given to me. The tray is about $102 at Tims, so I paid $136 more, for which, I got about $100 worth.

At Pasadena, althought I sent in my deposit, the manager didn't know which car I was interested in, so just held on to one 188. May be he might not be holding a GG for me.

I wanted to Redrock, so had to pass this on.
Congrats on the nice wheels...

Nice choice in color...

*For those who are looking at the picture and are thinking Granite Green is green, let me tell you that it's not. The front point of the bumper under the Acura logo is the true reflexion of this color. I think Acura made a typo and really meant to call it Granite Gray...
Congratulations bef!

Same color here and I like it even more now! There was a discussion here about what is it - green or gray. I think that the main word is 'granite' and you can find such color for this stone - it's like greenish gray. And, as it was mentioned before, you'll see some green in sunny days.

It's interesting question for me now: did ANYONE get(if ordered so) just a "pure" car without any forced or default accessories? And if they made you to pay extra - did you know it before or just found some extras at the delivery time? I the last case(that's what happened with me, though they called them 'default') you're in position to pay extra or go back home and wait more time, which, they're definitely sure, you don't want to happen.

I think you did OK at Cerritos. After taxes and fees you effectively paid about $83 for installation labor. Depending on how much you value your time and mechanical skill, its a good trade off. Some of us have a large investment in tools which we justify by our various projects. Some just like to do our own work, and others just know/believe we can do a much better installation job.
My MDX is basically naked while waiting for Tim to send me the accessories I ordered.


Thanks. I bought my MDX at MSRP with no accessories from Acura of Pasadena. No high pressure sales pitches for Lojack, extended warranties, protection packages, etc.

Unfortunately, I picked it up at night and it's been raining today so I haven't actually seen it during the day. I'll see what it looks like tomorrow.

Having recently shopped for granite (kitchen, bath, fireplace) I can tell you that granite is available in a variety of colors and figure the marketing department is trying to make the colors sound appealing.

You don't see names like:

Puke Green (some Korean car I saw at the last LA auto show)
Pimp Daddy Gold (the CL folks know what this is)
Ticket me Red (Corvette)
Greenish Dark Gray (aka Granite Green Metallic)
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