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Just a confirmation that Tim (Hondacura) is the only choice for MDX accessories

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I was at my local dealer couple days ago. Just out of curiosity, I inquired about pricing on body side mouldings (I got mine from Tim for $98 in December and installed them myself in about 20 minutes).

The price that I was quoted was $262 ($147 parts + $115 installation labor) plus tax. This, once again, affirmed the fact that if you are buyng your MDX accessories from anyone other than Tim at Hondacura, you are probably getting ripped off.

Thank you Tim for providing us with great prices and friendly customer service.
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I can definitely 2nd this vote of confidence--you just can't find better service or pricing...

Keep it up Timbo!
I couldn't agree more.

I've ordered the running board and BSM from You can't beat the price, no shipping charges (just a $2 handling fee) and NO sales tax!!!!

Thanks -

There are some things that I would want a dealer to install (like tow package). In those cases I will shop around for a reasonable dealer. But there are so many things that anyone can do for themselves, and if you pay the dealer to 'install' them, you are ripping yourself off. Items that I know are in that category are: body side moldings, cargo net, cargo cover, cargo tray, cargo separator, and wheel locks. (BTW, Tim's price on the BSM went up to $110 the day before I ordered mine :( . There are some accessoriesthat might be difficult for some people but easy for others (fender flares, running board, side steps, mud flaps, roof rack, bumper trim etc.). If you have any doubt, just look at the installation instructions on at:

Dress up your MDX and save money at the same time! :p

- Conrad
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