I am selling my wife's RDX and she is taking my MDX, but doesn't want the tuner on it. I purchased the tuner in November of 2022, installed in on December 12th of 2022 and uninstalled it on January 6th of 2023. Yes, I know, not the best use of $678. There are probably 200 miles on the tuner, all in map #1. I am asking $400 shipped, as it dang near brand new.

I have printed the installation instructions and will even include the length of wire I use to pull the OBD wire. It took me probably 20 minutes to install the first time as I wanted to double check everything 3 times, and about 5 minutes to take off. It is very simple. In my limited time with it, a very noticeable difference in a pull under hard throttle, I think it has to do with shift points and turbo spooling programming. (I am not a tuner) I had Burger look at some logs that were hard pulls just to verify it was all working right. This is how the MDX should have rolled of the factory floor. I can only imagine what it would feel like if you have 93 octane and go to some of the more advanced maps.

This is a used item, there is no warranty, Burger will offer some limited support (per Burger) and there is an online forum. Super simple, no tool install. The Burger site has quite a bit of info.

I will consider offers, but if I can't sell it at a reasonable price, I will keep it and try and talk my wife into putting it back on. It was $678 new, now $450 shipped. PM me if interested.