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It's Here!! I Can't Believe It!!

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At long, LONG last--the delivery truck literally pulled in as I was hanging up with the dealership. I just couldn't resist (who can?)-- I drove across town to take a quick peek!! And there she is, looking quite smug in her plastic wrap :cool:

In all, 5 were delivered to DMD Austin and all are spoken for, what a surprise :p .

There was a Tootsie Roll ;), an SS, an NBP, an MB, and my VANILLA ICE :cool: (couldn't think of an appropriate nickname offhand--give me some time...)

Will let you know how the paperwork process goes. I doubt I can beat 30 minutes, but I'll sure try my darndest!


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Sweet as white chocolate!

How long did you have to wait?
Wait Time


White chocolate is my absolute favorite!! I love almond bark :p

Been on the wait list since mid-March!! Living vicariously through this website--I feel as if I already own one :) I should be able to install all of my accessories within a few hours if I follow the precise instructions left by all of the helpful forum members.

The drive home from the dealership was eerie. It was the foggiest night I've ever seen--I could barely see ahead 20 feet, and it looked like there was a blackout b/c I couldn't see the lights from any houses! As I got closer to home, it seemed to get even thicker :eek:

Here's a fun test for me (not that I am lacking motivation, the intent has always been there)--let's see if the excitement of driving my new X (30 minute drive) into town will get me out of bed any earlier. What are the odds? Has anyone's acquisition had this effect? I'm a nightowl and have been trying to convert to more "normal" hours of operation, with little luck :( Like my Dad once said, once a habit, you'll always habit (have it).

I hope all goes well with my inspection (tomorrow?), I'll keep everyone posted :) Whoopee!!
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Congrats on your new arrival. I'm surprised you didn't buy a tent and camp out @ the dealer :)

I think you're just the second person to visit the MDX pre-arrival. Too bad you didn't catch this thread by merrill for some ideas before bedtime!
Wild Man

Thanks for the reference to the link--what a funny story!! What dedication/anticipation :p And all I had to do was park and shoot :rolleyes:

I try not to get emotionally attached to things that I don't yet have, to avoid disappointment--I'd rather be pleasantly surprised :p I would have been heartbroken had I followed my X from the railyard because my original order never made it to Texas. Not sure where my original X is--supposedly Acura traced it to a dealership in Louisiana :confused: ? They refused to give it up :mad: and so my delivery was delayed by about two weeks!
Wretched fiends!! :mad:

My sales agent says that it's not good business to call customers to tell them their car will be arriving the next day, when it's not :(
Previous to that fateful call, I was a happy camper, filled with thoughts of Zaino...then I started getting stressed out when he said Acura lost track of my X. Not sure how to feel now. It's like I'm adopting this one (someone else's X). I'll always wonder...whatever happened to....
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Congratulations and best of luck

Congratulations and best of luck to you. Glad to see that all of your waiting paid off.

Post moe pictures once you get it 'unwrapped'
Congrats!!! You sound like a very proud and excited parent... You should have video taped the delivery from the delivery room, ahhh, I mean railyard... :D

As far as waking up early, I, too, am also a night person, but have found myself up for that 7 am zaino feeding at least once a week. The other days of the week, I get up, say "good-morning" to the X and then turn on the computer to surf for inspiration on finding new accessories for it.
congrats!! its another texas baby:D
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