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Is there a Canadian Version sold in US??

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We have had ours for 16 months now and love it. Our friends want to now purchase one and the local dealers (Southern NH) are telling them that they can only get 'Canadian Versions' quickly, otherwise it will take upwards on 3 months for delivery. Since our beloved MDX is made in Canada I can't see any problems...

What do you all think??

Is the only real issue the speedo in kilos?

:confused: :confused:
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And furthermore,


Do the research, if anybody thinks it is a good idea, they have too much money or no sense...

I'd also not do business with a dealer offering a grey market vehicle...

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"Warranty work might or might not be covered."

Does anybody think this is a 'minor issue'???

The Canadian warranty does NOT apply in the US. You have no warranty.

The warranty you can purchase is typically worst than Acura's US warranty.

Recalls are NOT covered!!! unless it is a CANADIAN recall...

Any dealers should know the issues involved with grey market cars. Either they are (a) ignorant or (b) looking to make a fast buck on the buyer's ignorance.

My never to be humble opinion...


PS the only good news is that you can use whatever service schedule you'd like since there is no warranty to worry about... :cool:
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Any other thoughts, er opinions?

(My opinion was only the last line, BTW.)

A recall is (usually a voluntary) action by the manufacturer to correct a defect in a particular market. It is done on a market-by-market basis. Canada corrects all the canada cars, the US corrects theirs, etc.

That's why you CAN have a recall in the US and not in Cananda or Japan. So if you have a Canadian MDX and a US recall, you're SOL.

Finally, Canadian owners are required to perform maintenance at the "severe Duty Schedule" PERIOD. They have no standard schedule.

So, if you have one of these canadian vehicles, and perhaps you live on the border, you must follow the Canadian schedule if you plan opn sneaking back to Canada for any major warranty work (an unlikely scenarios to be sure.)
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