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Is there a Canadian Version sold in US??

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We have had ours for 16 months now and love it. Our friends want to now purchase one and the local dealers (Southern NH) are telling them that they can only get 'Canadian Versions' quickly, otherwise it will take upwards on 3 months for delivery. Since our beloved MDX is made in Canada I can't see any problems...

What do you all think??

Is the only real issue the speedo in kilos?

:confused: :confused:
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TSB's aren't covered either, unless they're issued by Acura Canada. I tried to get the Weeping Mirrors done (I had the TSB copy in my hands), but the dealer would not do it under warranty, since Acura Canada had not issued this TSB. "Yous takes your chances...".
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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