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There's no way to say if it's 'worth it' if we don't know what it'd cost (Elvis' point). If it was $100 and able to be registered and insured (Datechboss' point) I might buy it.

Unless it's a classic car I know how to work on and the ins and outs very well, like an old Mustang, I wouldn't buy it. Insurance said it's not worth fixing so they totaled it (Stuart's point) and most likely someone slapped parts together in the hopes of flipping it for a quick buck (Donn's point).

There could be all kinds of things wrong with it that you can't see and whatever was fixed, including the paint, could have been done poorly and almost certainly it was on the cheap since it's likely a flip job.

Bottom line - don't buy cars with salvaged titles unless you know vehicle mechanics and the particular model vehicle really well, and are prepared to spend some money further fixing it.

For whatever you'd spend on this you could buy another vehicle that's accident free without a salvage title that'll still go down the road - probably in much more of a straight line than this one.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts