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I just have to assume that the OP is reading and learning, although not staying engaged is not great "netiquette".

One time I had an accident that came right at the repair-total trade-off and I was given the choice. I chose to repair. It worked out alright but it took a year or two to find all of the damage - it is common for damage to be missed and be found later. I assume that this car is being sold "as is" so the OP will be on the hook for any hidden damage - a big risk.

If the repair was done by a reputable shop and they will warranty the repair to the new owner (very unlikely) then it might be worth it if the car is heavily discounted. Otherwise just find another vehicle - this could be the most expensive bargain of your life. And as others have noted it is hard to buy a salvaged car, do the repair properly, and still sell it at a profit at a discounted price. What usually gives is the quality of the repair - lots of ways to cut corners and none that you want.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts