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Very happy to have found forum! New 6 month old Houston owner of 2010 MDX with 73k.
So far have had trans software updated(for first time?) to eliminate less than smooth shifting.
Because of somewhat dirty trans fluid have drained and refilled Honda fluid twice with one more to go.
Battery replaced and then excellent Acura assistance from California to go through and learn steps and code for Nav and Radio updates.
Drove home from newest dealer after no charge inspection etc with air bag and more dash messages reset and only tire pressure monitor showing. As soon as wife takes over the air bag message comes back. Still looking here for clues! Do we have a real problem?!
Also, must these dealers always recommend every possible repair? Included even the 100k timing belt/water pump because we were beyond 7 years! We have 2004 Honda Pilot with 140k so are familiar.
Thank you!

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