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I recently fixed a very frustrating prob with my 01 MDX; it was occasionally (& increasingly) stalling while driving, then restarting after a few minutes... The restart got less reliable, & the stalls more frequent as I tried to hunt the issue down. I verified the battery, starter, alternator, belts, fuses, & connections were all good... A code reader told me little of use; showing warnings from O2 sensors, catalytic converter, EVAP system, & exhaust system... I came close to the problem when I replaced the fuel pump, but ultimately the culprit was the "Main Relay B" aka "Fuel pump relay". It's a small black box awkwardly located under the dashboard, on the driver side. It required some contortionist yoga to replace, but was fairly easy. The part only cost $40 online ($90 at local auto part store). I've since learned that this relay is a frequent problem for many Honda & Acura cars. So before anyone replaces their fuel pump or starter or alternator or battery or PCM, check this relay!
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