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When I was shopping for a new car, I really wanted a gray interior. The only ones I saw that I was considering that had gray was the ML's (my second choice), the Toyota Sequoia (too big for me), and the Olds Bravada (I could have gotten $5k off MSRP). I told myself I would never get a black interior.

Once I decided on the MDX, I was down to either beige with saddle, or granite green or silver with black. Of all the cars I have seen at the dealers that were either black or tan on the inside, the tan were much dirtier than the black. Im talking about soil marks on the leather on cars with very few miles.

I ended up with the granite green, because I really liked that color (and there is already a beige one at work). I did notice that by the time I had taken my new car home last Wednesday, the floor was already showing dirt. I will have to keep a vacuum handy in the garage. At least the leather is staying clean. I am still glad I got that color, as the granite gray really looks nice. Now if only my car was still here (I noticed an oil leak on day two, and its been in the shop to have a master seal replaced since then).
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