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Interior color choices

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Hello -

Contemplating color choices at the moment. I like Glacier Green, but am not sure I want black leather. Wife's MDX is silver/black, and it always looks trashed from the kids. Granted, she considers a car wash to mean driving when it rains and she'll vacuum the car about once every six months.

Can anyone with kids comment on the pros and cons of black vs. saddle?

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I got black because I thought it would hold up better with the kids. The demo I drove had the saddle color and it looked dirty to me. But what do I know? I am like your wife. I have never washed a car by hand. I drove my Pinto for over 15 years and over 265 k miles and never washed it once. The rain kept it clean enough for me. I do vacuum the interior occasionaly though. 4k miles on my MDX and haven't cleaned it yet. It looks okay except for the dried mud behind the rear wheels. The rain does not seem to wash that off.
BorisSWort said:
4k miles on my MDX and haven't cleaned it yet.
Wow! wonder what the Zaino boys would have to say about that.
Oh well, I guess to each his/her own...
BorisSWort said:
.. 4k miles on my MDX and haven't cleaned it yet. ..
You are so honest. :) Well.. at least I am trying to treat my MDX nicely :D for now but I don't know how long I will last... :p :p :p

For Markedoc -
I picked the inside color first this time, then pick the outside. I have black leather on my BMW Silver color. I think as long as you maintain your leather, the seat color is not an issue. The Silver color outside is so shiny but I just don't want another black inside.. that killed the silver choice on my MDX.
I think either choice of interior will show dirt - they both will require upkeep. In my opinion, the colors that hide dirt best are the moderate tones. I had a grey interior on my Explorer, and it didn't show much dirt at all, same for the medium blue interior on my Honda Accord '84.
You have to remember the dirt is there whether you see it or not, so the advantage of being "reminded" to clean/vacuum (and doing so!) may result in longer life/better overall condition of the interior.
I've had my GG just three weeks, and see quite a bit of dust. Doesn't help to have a yellow lab, either! (Maybe I should dye his hair black...:) )
I thought the same thing as you, however, it turned out that their black is not quite as dark as some blacks..... sort of
In my opinion the sable is too light and can be easily stain or get dirty. At least with the ebony doesnt show the stain or dirt as much.

Also keep in mind too that the leather in the car is the car that gets rubbed the most...what I learn is that like a leater jacket of a pair of motorcycle racing leather...If you get a find mouse or cream leather conditioner and leater protectant..Each time you clean the car you can put the conditioner which contain certan oils and nutrients that keep the leater young and DARK and also prevent it from drying out.
When I chose my color, I usually go by what's on the outside. However, my wife insisted that what we look most of the time is the inside of the car, and it should be plesant. When I compared the ebony to saddle, I felt that ebony looked crammed. Darker colors tend to make the space look smaller. I really liked the GG or SS colors, however, I had to give up on them as both came with Ebony. Given the choice of saddle interior, I choose Redrock. No regrets. Saddle on Redrock just rocks!

My dealer tried to convince me that ebony is a better color. I am sure it might be, but personally, I like to visualize something roomy.
As no other "wives" seem to subscribe to this site (or at least nobody who admits to it) I'll give an opinion on MDX interior colors. I'm the car buff in this family, and though I don't have the technical jargon down like you do, I'm reading and learning fast!
I have the silver MDX with ebony interior. Admittedly the black does show dust/mud but it doesn't stain (at least not a coke so far).
The only problem is the area in the back for my dog, for which I have a separation net. There I have cut a piece of charcoal gray carpet to keep dust levels down.
I am a fanatic car cleaner, I admit, and even the Suburban I traded in after 7 years looked like it had just rolled off the lot, both inside and outside.
I shake out the loose mats often and the black stays pretty good - I haven't noticed the "claustrophobia" problem. How could any MDX be claustrophobic??!
There is no doubt that the most practical color for interiors is a mid-gray fleck, but as we don't have it, we just should work harder - the car is worth it!
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I Prefer a Dark Interior

I prefer a dark interior because there are less reflections.

I once test drove an accord coupe in 98 which had a tan interior and there were so many reflections and glare that it was hard to see out the front and rear windshield as I drove through the dealer lot.

That is exactly why I do all of my daytime driving while wearing polarized sunglasses. Glare = gone!
Leaning HEAVILY towards Granite Green w/black ...

To NAV or not to NAV - that is the question ...

Doc ... You made one wrong decision, don't make another. Get the Nav.
GCK said:
Doc ... You made one wrong decision, don't make another. Get the Nav.
I second that suggestion.... :D
When I was shopping for a new car, I really wanted a gray interior. The only ones I saw that I was considering that had gray was the ML's (my second choice), the Toyota Sequoia (too big for me), and the Olds Bravada (I could have gotten $5k off MSRP). I told myself I would never get a black interior.

Once I decided on the MDX, I was down to either beige with saddle, or granite green or silver with black. Of all the cars I have seen at the dealers that were either black or tan on the inside, the tan were much dirtier than the black. Im talking about soil marks on the leather on cars with very few miles.

I ended up with the granite green, because I really liked that color (and there is already a beige one at work). I did notice that by the time I had taken my new car home last Wednesday, the floor was already showing dirt. I will have to keep a vacuum handy in the garage. At least the leather is staying clean. I am still glad I got that color, as the granite gray really looks nice. Now if only my car was still here (I noticed an oil leak on day two, and its been in the shop to have a master seal replaced since then).
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That's it - ordering the Granite Green WITH nav tomorrow. Actually, one reason for that is my dealer (who I bought my wife's MDX from and also referred biz to) has one coming in in the next few weeks - original deal fell thru.

Thanks guys!

You can not go wrong with the 'X. GG is a great color choice. I would have picked it up in a heartbeat, if it had the saddle interior.

Good Luck with the wait, and do post pictures when you get it. Did you think about any accessories yet? Not to mention, do not think about buying them anywhere else other than Tim. Great prices, and even better service.
OOOOHHH, I wish I'd gotten the NAV!!!

Wearing polarized sunglasses during the day reduces glare but the problem I encountered was at night.

Another reason why I didn't get the Accord was because it had an LCD radio. In almost every American rental car that I've driven it seems like their LCD displays are polarized 90 degrees off from my sunglasses so that I always had to turn my head sideways just to read either the time/odometer/radio.

One of the things I noticed with the MDX is that I don't have polarization problems with the nav or radio display.


Granite Green rules!!!
You will not be disappointed.
Except for the floor mat quality. It seems to me that it is very thin compared to the Acura floor mats I had to "buy" for my other cars.
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GCK - who is Tim (re: accessories)? Web site?

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