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Intellichoice Ratings for Best Overall Value: SUV over $28K

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Goes to the M-Class for 2002.

Check out:
Intellichoice BOVY Site

I guess value is relative, and they have a definition and criteria for their selection at the link above...just thought you'd all be interested.
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Okay who is paying off Intellichoice????
I dont think the check came from HONDA...:D :D :eek:
Re: Re: Intelli ...

msu79gt82 said:
... if you have to tell someone you are famous you must not be!!!

If they have to advertise they are Intelli.. they must not be:p
HAHAHAH RFLMAO- I could not of said it better myself!

Way to go MSU79GT82!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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