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Installing An Aftermarket CD Player

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Just curious if anyone has looked into installing an aftermarket CD player in a 2022. We were getting ready to purchase a new MDX and just discovered it no longer has a CD player. That's actually a deal breaker for me. I have a large amount of CD's, many of which are self burned, containing obscure stuff that I won't be able to find anywhere else. I really don't look forward to having to move it all over to a bunch of flash drives. I've been looking at the interior for a location to install a player but most of the real estate seems to be taken up. Might have been room in the console storage if they hadn't stolen that for the charging pad.
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To clear up any confusion:
  • CDs store audio in digital format.
  • WAV files are exactly the same as the data stored on a CD, uncompressed and unaltered - same quality.
  • FLAC files are compressed in a lossless format - when played the audio is exactly the same as was recorded.
  • MP3 files are lossy; the degree of degradation to the audio is dependent upon the bitrate at which they are recorded.

USBs are not 'burned' - data is copied to them and may be in WAV, FLAC, MP3 or numerous other formats.

CD audio put onto a PC or USB as a WAV does not have any of the audio data altered.
I Appreciate the Audio recoding Lessons. THX.
I am a Music Aficionado for personal pleasure of just Listening AND as a Resurrected Drummer after 50 Years [1969] who plays for a retirement Hobby and Pleasure at Home. FTR, I usually select a Music Streamer and Genre and play along with those Tunes in my "mancave" (hate that term, but it fits somehow!) in the finished basement where I "created" a sound room /studio during COVID Hibernation in 2020. I suffer with a number of Spinal Maladies that finally got the best of me after many years of chronic pains, and I retired in May 2021 after an outage for a Disability. Fortunately, my Employer had provided its Bank Officers with a company paid Disability Policy. They settled with me for an amount that concluded my career after 48 years (the last 19 years with my current Employer) of working in Commercial & Residential Real Estate Mortgage Finance and Asset Management at various Banks and private Companies.
mmartz, I guess If I were in your "boat", driving /traveling in my MDX regulalry, I probably would do what you have done acquiring a Plug N Play separate CD player for use in the MDX. I don't own nearly as many as 200 CDs, and I have not really copied the ones I have to my PC. Then there is the need to "Burn" USB Flashdrives - I want CD Qulaity audio and I tend to shy away from Digital WAV files for sure. To me, even with more time on my hands being retired, it is all a PIA .... But as in many things, There's No Going Back. No CD Player For You!! I really miss that Internal Hard Drive in my previous 5 cars. Come to Think of it, I'm wondering if a Western Digital (or comparable) separate HD could be connected to the USB port and thereby be able to play all the CDs copied to that and play in CD Audio quality? Or must copied CDs to the HD have the files converted in that process? FLAC, WAV, etc?
You bring up a good point about a separate drive. If you figure that out, please let me know as I'm not terribly excited about managing flashdrives for my music. Enjoy your retirement!
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