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In dash - cellular phone wiring?

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Is it an Acura specific product? Does hondacuraworld carry this item? Does anyone have it in thier car now and do you like it?

Lots of questions I know. Any input is appreciated.
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Not Sure If This Is What You Mean

As far as I am aware, Acura does not make a special in-dash cellular kit. I do have a built-in Motorola 4500 Car Phone but the wiring and installation was done by Alltel. I have been immensely pleased with the system and I do recommend it to especially those worried about future legislation outlawing handheld cell phones.
There is a lot more information at my MDX trip website including a link to detailed pictures of the installation.

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There was a thread earlier about an Alpine NAV unit that allowed for cell phone interface. The question was posed if the MDX unit also could do the same. Not sure it was resolved but you might do a search.

The auto makers are really pushing congress for a total ban of cell phones in cars in the US. They want it limited to in car, voice activated units. Geez, I wonder why?

Anyway look for your wireless carrier to offer voice activated dialing in the near future. Many companies are doing trials this year and expect major rollouts later. You would still have to press one key, a pre programed key with an 800 number, to activiate the dialer but after that it would be hands free. Should work with pre programmed numbers as well as a speech to text dialer for un programmed numbers.

Samsung does have a cell phone which when open will turn on the power and it is voice activated. You say the name and it dials the stored phone number associated with the name. All you need is the headset unit. The same thing when it rings, you open the cover flip and start talking to the headset. I prefer that way so I can carry my cell from car to car and to anywhere I choose.
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