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For those of you who, like me, are not the LEAST bit mechanically inclined :rolleyes:, I found this maintanance tidbit on the Acura Owner's Link website. I did a search here on 'crush washer' and didn't see that it had been discussed before so, here it is.

What's a "crush washer" and why is it important to my Acura?

As an Acura owner, the crush washer you should be most concerned with is the one that must be replaced every time you change your motor oil. This crush washer fits between your oil pan and the drain plug. It is a one-time-use washer.
When a new washer is installed and the drain plug is tightened, this washer "crushes" to form a very tight seal, thereby preventing motor oil leaks without overstressing the oil pan threads.
Oil changers who are not aware of its importance may think it's OK to re-use this washer. Since it has already been crushed, it will not collapse further. As a result, the installer may overtighten the drain plug to get a tight fit. This can eventually lead to stripped threads in the oil pan -- a very expensive repair.
This is another example of why your Acura dealer is the easy choice for your service needs. Acura dealers know your Acura best.
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