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I believe I bought mine in March of 21 and didn’t have the stop/start ever work until winter and I had the heat on medium. Scared me because it just “shut off” and as others mentioned, it’s kind of aggressive and early before a full stop.
Anyway, a full year later and it’s cold again, and it did it to me again and it’s so much more frequent this winter than last time. I swear it was maybe once or twice last year and this year it’s already happened over a dozen times.
I initially thought my car was one of the broken ones that I would actually prefer it stay broken and unavailable for stop/start. But alas , my MDX now prefers to behave as designed lol .

I may install one of the disablers because I’m too busy initiating the dash cam, and setting music, confirming my garage door went down, and I sometimes ( all the time during winter) forget to press that button .
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