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idea on building sub enclosure in the trunk

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i have an idea of building a sub-enclosure to fit in the compartment where the 3rd row seat headrests are stored. I wanna build one using mdf boards that would just fit in it. I'd put like 2 10 subs. Does anybody have anything to add to this idea? Thanks.
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Were does the amp go?
I am building one already.....

Hi Mocking DX, The MDF you want to use for this type of enclosure is too thick to make the 10s fit flush with the stock cargo compartment. Trust me I did an exhausting research to get any brand of 10s to fit and I ended up compromising with the use of 2 8s and using fiberglass to accomplish this. If you are okey with the enclosure sticking out a little and you are okey compromising the cargo space once the 3rd row is used then you're okey. You should consider using a combination of fiberglass and MDF, if you use 10s the enclosure will stick out at least 1-2 inches. I posted pics on the sub install on my X, I'm still not done so expect more pics to come, the link is located on this forum, see system upgrade.
extreme MDX

thanks for the warning. I gues I'll also go with 8s. Are you using an amp to power them? pls do post the pictures when you're done.
extreme mdx

where did you get fiberglass. I have no idea how they come with--liquid, pastes or strips? The only fiberglass i know is the fibeglass used for broken arm/legs.
Fiberglass questions....

Fiberglass materials consist of 1 part resin and 1 part hardener. You can use fiberglass mats which range from 7-10 dollars a yard depending on the weave count. You can also get them in small sheets for smaller projects. As you can see this material can be very expensive. A gallon of each hardener and resin can cost from $ 25 and up. If you decide to tackle this job try getting a hardener and resin that is a one to one ratio mix. If you mix too much hardener it will heat up and burn, too little and the resin will not harden. Depending where you live, I go to a franchise store called Tap Plastics, if there is none in your city try looking for a plastic supply store or your local hardware store might carry them. You can also try ordering online from Select Products. Sorry I do not have the link handy, but this website is an installers best friend , they have everything you need for a custom installation, and they carry the most cutting edge products not available anywhere else. This job is messy as you can see from the pics and is not as easy as it looks. The reward is you can create the most amazing shapes with 80% the comparable thickness you will need with MDF with added strength and w/o the weight penalty. You will need at least a minimum of 4 layers of "glass", I even bondoed and primed the inside of the box. Hopefully I will be done with the box within 2 weeks. It would take me less time to do a simple one, but with the design I have started 2 weeks is just enough to get the box constructed but not all the way to the finishing touches. I will post the pics as I progress through the box buildup.
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Subwoofer Cabinet

I am currently making a subwoofer cabinet that will fit just adjacent to the current subwoofer - taking very little precious space allowing the third row and headrest compartment to operate.

After some exhaustive research I decided on a Boston Pro 10.5LF subwoofer. These are rated very very very high on ( at producing extremely tight, accurate bass (read SQL) - and at the same time yeilding very powerful and deep bass (read SPL). And best of all the enclosure is optimal at only 0.5 cu ft. the smallest I could find! All this will be powered by a kicker ix405D 5 channel amp - I'll let you know the results.

Finallly I found a fiberglass seller. For those interested in making their own projects too, try Autozone auto parts, they sell these fiberglass mats and cloth and the resin/hardener. the cloth is around $4 and the half gallon resin $10.
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