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I was nice this year so Santa brought me my X!

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I GOT MY X! I GOT MY X! That is the first thing I told my wife on the phone after I got my baby from Cerritos Acura. My X is definitely the only present I want this Christmas! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I am still in disbelieve that I actually got my X...the wait wasn't that long but boy, I am so glad i didn't go out there and buy one of those RX300 or the ML series! Check out the pictures in the gallery! For those of you are still waiting...IT IS DEFINITELY WORTH THE WAIT! :D



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Congrats to you!! I picked mine up on Saturday 12/22. Like you, I am soooo glad I waited and didn't get the RX300 or MB. I agree, it was definitely worth the wait. I've been making quite a few 2 hr drives back and forth to a friend's house for xmas dinners, etc. and the X makes it so easy! Time flies by! As I drive it, I still can't believe it's mine! :D

Enjoy the new toy!!
Congratulations ... beautiful and full of energy.. :)

When did you order you MDX. Were you quoted a build date? And when did it actaully arrive for delivery?

I have order the same Silver Touring, but was told due to mfg problems at the plant deliveries were delayed.

Was quoted a build date of 12/10-15. Would love to know your specific dates as I have the sneaking suspicion my dealer is not telling the truth.

Kevin, nice X, she's a beaut! What a Christmas present - I just got weather tech mats for Xmas, they are cool, but not like getting the whole thing!

Enjoy! :D
Build date quote


Actually I didn't get a quote on the built date since this was passed on by 2 buyer who was out of the country (lucky me) so I got mine probably about 8 weeks ahead of my SS ETA.
I would try to get a quote date from the dealer as soon as possible.

P911, if you haven't done so already, I would also escalate to a sales manager, instead of just trying to get info from your salesperson. Everytime I felt I couldn't get the info I wanted from my salesperson (no answers, un-returned phone calls), I'd go directly to a manager. As Roger Womack has said repeatedly, sometimes the salespeople are just not "in the know" and it's better to get the info from a manager. I ended up having to do that to get my build date, VIN number, and my expected delivery timeframe. I think it really helped to be able to speak their language too (allocation report, in-transit report, etc.) by letting them know that I knew how the process was supposed to work.
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