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I need a car that is the closest thing to the MDX but not an MDX.

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My parents want a new car like my MDX but since we already have one they want something different. I know Honda will come out with the Pilot sometime and charge whatever they want for it. I need a quality SUV with 7 passenger seating and decent gas mileage. What else is out there?
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MDX that isnt MDX

How 'bout a Ford Explorer?. Safety ratings are much improved on the new one. (Of course, they couldn't get worse)

But seriously, it's probably about the best all-around sport-ute that seats 7 and isn't too big for $30K-ish. OK, it's no MDX, but at least you can get a decent deal on it. A good alternative to the GMC Envoy, which only seats 5 unless you want to wait a few months for the extended version.

If you can wait a couple of months and want something big , Ford is about to replace the Expedition with a new model. There should be a review in any of this month's car mags.

The question I'd ask is whether the need to be different is more powerful than the need for the best SUV?
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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