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I need a car that is the closest thing to the MDX but not an MDX.

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My parents want a new car like my MDX but since we already have one they want something different. I know Honda will come out with the Pilot sometime and charge whatever they want for it. I need a quality SUV with 7 passenger seating and decent gas mileage. What else is out there?
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Re: How long can they wait?

donsev said:

Seriously, from the Pilot (this summer) to the Volvo XC90(this fall) to the 2003/2004? Lexus RX300, to the Chrysler Pacifica (early next year) to the Mercedes-Benz GST (early 2004) there will be plenty of attempts to knock the MDX off its (7 passenger Luxury SUV like) throne. We just don't know how good they will be or how much they will cost.
I test drove a Volvo XC70 (the current model) and certainly wouldn't consider it a '7 passenger SUV'. It does have cargo space similar to the MDX, although the shape of the cargo box doesn't meet my needs as well as the MDX. However, the 3rd seat option is a joke :eek: . Even a child would have trouble finding a place for his feet, and there is no way an adult could sit back there. It reminded me a lot of the rear seats on the Taurus wagon. I doubt if they will be able to improve it much in the XC90 because of the vehicle form factor.
- Conrad
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