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at the dealership

My MDX actually came into the rail yard on DEc. 27th..but the logistics people at the yard were off for the holidays until they were a week behind in getting vehicles out to the dealers on the trucks..then New Years Day holiday....and just when they were going to truck it over on this past Thursday..we get hit with a snowstorm on Wednesday has been driving me crazy and to think I could have tried it out in the snow if not for the delay..OH well

what suggestions does everyone have for accessories?

I am pretty sure I am going with the running boards..thought of putting them on myself and saving the bucks..but might just have the dealer do it..quoted me $615

The dealer is throwing in splash guards, wheel locks and cargo tray...

thinking seriously about moonroof visor for noise reduction...wood shift knob...and maybe the all weather mats to go over the carpet ones..but i have used weathertech mats for a while in all my other cars...does anyone know how the acura all weathers measure up against the weathertech's?

anyway...please give me feedback on suggestions for accessories if you have time...I will be picking it up Monday or Tuesday so I would like to take the weekend to decide on the accessories..

of course some of them are very easy to put on so I might want to order from Tim to cut down on the expense..

Thanks in advance
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