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I can't believe it

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Ok, I might be over excited here, but I've been reading the post boards for about a week and all I hear is how hard it is to get the MDX. Some waited 8 to 10 weeks, and some have to wait 3-4 months. I did all the research I can on the net and called as many dealers near me, but all said the only thing they can do is put me on the waiting list with a deposit and the wait would be 8 to 10 weeks.

Today, I got a call from one of those dealers saying that they have 2 MDX coming in this Friday and if I put a deposit down, I will be picking it up no later than Saturday. I was kinda skeptical at first but I was already planning to be on the waiting list for at least a month, so I said what the heck. I'll update this thread once I pick up my car. And if you see me crusing down hwy80 in a Silver+Nav MDX with sidesteps and roofrack....HONK!
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I hope all goes well with your purchase. Give us all the details on how the transaction goes.

By the way, what dealership gave you the call? Did you check out their rating in the dealer ratings and search for them in the 'Experience' Section?

I don't get on HWY80 much, but if I'll be sure to honk if I do see you.

Good luck.
Dealer called me today and said my MDX just arrived and is ready to be picked up tomorrow after they detail and inspect it. And I was expecting it this Saturday. I think I broke the record in finding and purchasing a MDX, put down deposit yesterday and picking it up tomorrow. WOW!!! Should I be expecting any sales pitch?? We already negotiated the price, but will they try to sell me more stuff I don't really need?? What should I ask for that they might be willing to throw in for being a good customer?? LOL
Did it Arrive?

So, MDX168

Did you pick up your MDX? How did the purchase experience go?

Fill us in on the details.

After reading some of the other post here, me getting the MDX so fast is not really a great story because I did pay 2K over MSRP, but the total experience was ok base on the fact that I had to pay extra. The Salesman was really nice and helpful, can't say the same for the Sales Manager, he had an atitude like a typical Acura dealer, "if u don't get it someone else will". I was desperate for a new car so I paid the price for it. But I have to say it's all worth it. The ride is great and an eyecatcher, been driving a little over a week and haven't seen another MDX around. Not like the RX300 which is all over the place. I guess this will soon happen to the MDX next year.

good luck with your MDX and glad to be in the CLUB!!
Deep Pockets??

MARKUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND FOR WHAT???

I agree with you 100%, but like I said it's all worth it to me. I didn't want to deal with the wait and I wanted to go up to the snow before the season is over, if I waited I wouldn't be able to test out my MDX in the snow till next year. I have much respect for those who are willing to wait. I just don't have the patients you all have. gjm4855 how long have u been waiting? Let me know when u get it.
You could have waited 1.5 years

Hi MDX168,

I hope you are still happy with your baby. I wanted to point out that you could have waited over a year and still paid 2k over MSRP. In the mean time you have great stories to tell.
Your story reminded me of the group traffic, "And the man in the suit has just bought a new car from the profits he made on your dreams". Let us know how the last 14 months have gone.
I'm still here!

Wow.....has it been that long?? Let's's been pretty good thus far with my 1 year old. got a ding here and there but can't really tell unless u really look hard for it. I did add a video system and modified my navi to be able to watch DVD and play mp3. My 2 year old son loves watching elmo on the 7" flipdown. And the TV tuner built in to the flipdown is great for my morning commute, being able to watch news coverage and traffic report is way better than getting late info on the radio. Going down to LA and SD in september should be fun with the X. Hope everyone else on the board is doing well.
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