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Has anyone else noticed that this forum seems to suck down a truly scary amount of computer resources to run? My computer has been running sluggish lately, and the Windows task manager showed it was one of the pages running on Chrome. I used Chrome's built in task manager (Home icon on the right, "More Tools", "Task Manager") and saw (to my shock) that it was doing the damage (I normally have 10-20 tabs open).

I have repeatably seen this forum take 2.4 GIGAbytes of memory (really???!!!) and between 25 and 50% of my CPU capacity (yikes!!!). Just for giggles, I opened it (without logging on) with Microsoft Edge - the memory "dropped" to 340 or more Megabytes (still enormous) with the CPU usage running consistently in the mid-30% range. FWIW, when first opened in Chrome, this tab will run at about 300 Megabytes, but then slowly grows to well over 2 gigabytes of memory over a few minutes. I didn't leave Edge running long enough to see if it also had a "memory leak".

I'm not sure what's causing this - probably the dozen or so ads plastered around the page every time it loads. Many of them have embedded videos or moving .gifs. I can certainly understand (and support) some level of advertising being necessary to offset the (modest) cost of a forum like this one, but I'm considering having to move on to some other MDX-related forum since I clearly can't leave a tab open to this one full-time any longer.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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