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Howling sideview mirrors

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Is there a fix for the howling sideview mirrors? It seems anytime I go above 65 mph the mirrors howl & whistle.

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I don't have the problem on my '01. If you have an '01 I would check with the dealer to see if the seal or gasket is loose. If it's an '02 - I would still chk with the dealer since the '02s were re-designed to be quieter.
Are you sure its the side view mirror? A number of people have reported a similar problem with the A pillar howling at high speeds (myself included). Do a search on a pillar and you should be able to find some info on it.
A-pillar howling fixed!

After an unfortunate incident with a piece of metal falling off a Wal-mart truck, I just got the windshield replaced in my formerly-howling '01 MDX. I'm happy to say that my thanksgiving drive from DC to Philly was completely howl-free. Although I do notice the wind noise more now...

Basically a sub-standard seal in the windshield on some of the '01 MDXs caused the obnoxious kazoo-like noise at speeds over 65-70 with a slight crosswind. Much as I tried I couldn't get my idiotic local dealers to do anything about it, and have been too busy to hound Acura Customer Care enough.

So I guess I have Wal-mart and the local glass guy to thank for my silent road trips! It was worth the $500 just for that!

FYI, I hear that they are improving the windshield for '02. Maybe they won't publicly acknowledge the issue, but it looks like Acura is trying to fix it.
Please register the problem!

If you have this problem, please register it in the knowledge base (sorry, I don't know how to include a link). The more people we have registered there, the easier it will be for us to get the problem recognized by Acura. Also, please call Acura Customer Care to report your problem.
Just to make sure we're talking about the same thing, the howling should be from the A-pillar at high-speed (usually around 70) and with a crosswind. If you're certain it's coming from the mirrors, then this is the first report of mirror-noise I'm aware of (there were no mirror-howl complaints on 01s on this board that I remember).

Also, now that people are driving '02's, it'd be helpful to specify your model year -- especially b/c the sidemirrors on the 02 are different than the 01.

Back to the howling noise: it was referred to as the kazoo in some other posts. Search for that and it'll show up in a couple of threads. It's also under kazoo in the KB.

If you search for wind noise or windnoise with the membername field filled in as DMor you'll get a monster thread with lots of discussion and a self-fix for windnoise coming from the front.
I'm curious, does it howl on full moons or just when your singing in the car?

All kidding aside, my suv does make a howling sound too particularly at speeds > 65 with a crosswind but I don't think it's comes from the mirrors. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I stumbled across and old thread (by DMOR) about adding screening spine to the front windshield.
If you want to find the thread, search for "screening spline" or "rod backer"

Perhaps screening spline is a MDX-placebo but I have to admit, so far so good. No howling, growling, snarling, not even a wimper...

*Note: if you do decide to add spline, Home Depot has better quality screening spline than Victoria Secrets.
Do a search for Kazoo and you will find the thread on this problem. Also, enter your vehicle in the Kazoo section of the Problem registry. A new windshield, seal and molding finally fixed it for me. Some '02s have the problem too so it is not just a '01 issue. Basically, there seems to be a problem with the quality and installation of the windshield seals, and also with some windshields being out of tolerance causing larger than normal gaps which then exacerbates the sealing problem.

mjb-rawb said:
Is there a fix for the howling sideview mirrors? It seems anytime I go above 65 mph the mirrors howl & whistle.

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