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2008 MDX.

I got my alternator changed today, and the mechanic disconnected the battery as part of the process. When it connected again, I put in my radio code and can listen to the radio again.


My clock is now wrong. What's the big deal, you ask? Just set it.


My navigation unit (under the seat) is kaput. Completely dead. No power.

I have yet to find an alternate way to set that car clock without having to use that darn navigation unit.

Any ideas?

BTW, Acura is charging $6400.00 to replace it. No way! I can send it to Alpine in USA to repair for $550.00 CDN. and I will likely have to do that, but while I can live without the navi and the rear back up camera for now, it drives me nuts not having a working clock.

Anyone have any clue if there is a backdoor way to set the clock without using the navigation / menu systems (basically the big scroll wheel with the three buttons on each side - nothing works).

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