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How to Remove A-Pillar Cover?

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I want to run my radar detector wiring behind the a-pillar. How do you remove (and reinstall) the plastic covering?

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the covers pull right out. they're attached to the pillar with metal clips that slide out. You might have to remove the rubber seal around the door first before you can pull cover out. then start pulling the cover our from the top and work you way down. If you need to pull the cover out all the way you have to pull the trim up towards the ceiling after completely the clips from the a pillar.
hope this helps
Thanks. I will give it a try tomorrow.
Did you use the passenger side already to run wires? Could be an option if its not used instead of removing the plastic covering.
I just did it this afternoon. It works great and it allows you to run the wires directly behind the dash without running under the weatherstrip the whole way. Much cleaner install.

It is a pain in the ..... to re-install the cover but after five minutes or so it goes in fine.

Thanks for the help.
Glad everything worked out for you....

I had to tackle a job just like this one on my X. I modified the pillars to accomodate the tweeters for my component set. This yielded the best soundstage and imaging in my particular install. If you need any further assistance in removing panels let me know, I removed most of the panels in my X to get all the wiring routed through.
sorry phinphan i forgot to warn you that it's really a lot more difficult putting it back. Was a same experience though.

glad it works for you now.
After driving with the new setup this afternoon I discovered that the routing of the microphone cable through their is not a good idea. Too much RFI from the power cords under the cover. I will take out the panel and run the mic the original way under the trim.

Thanks for the support and suggestions.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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