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How nto get an ink pen mark off the seat?

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OK, I now have my first "boo-boo" on my X's interior and am eager to remove it! My 5 y/o jumped out of the back seat with his "police ticket book" in hand as well as a black ink pen, minus the cap. In an effort to make a quick capture of his imaginary bad guy, he put about a 3 inch ink mark on the back of the passenger seat. I have tried to remove ink marks from leather and vinyl in the past with no luck.

Does any have any good advice on removing ink pen marks?
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Don't Laugh, but

aerosol hair spray does a great job of removing ink from clothing,
walls and etc. I frequently use this on my white shirts to remove ink.
Not sure what impact it would have on the leather,
but this is at least a good tip for removing ink from clothing and walls,
even those with wallpaper.
Do you stay up late?

I purchased some stuff from a late night infomerchal. It is called Quick N Brite. It is a paste that can be diluted into a spray. It works well on everything. It is verry good with ink stains on mostly all materials including clothing, and for the car it works well on water spots, it does most of what it claims. Go to for more info. Also if you decide to buy this product get it through the website or call the number on the website, most of the ones on other websites are worse deals and/or replicas of the real stuff.
Thanks to all for the Tips:)

Here is what I have tried, in the order they were tried and the results:

1. 409 - Lightened the stain a little
2. Hairspray - Lightened the stain a little more than 409
3. Hydrogen proxide - No noticeble change
4. Woolite - No noticebale change
5. Baking Soda paste (with water) - slight lightening

After the first 2 items, the ink stain was pretty light, but not gone. After trying all five items it still isn't gone. From some of the reading I have done, I may have "set" the stain with the 409. Also, several articles stated that some inks just never come off of leather.

My next step is to try the Zaino leather cleaner and treatment since I have already ordered it.
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I don't know if this would have helped but I frequently reach for that miracle tonic WD40. It is a solvent for many things and seems to cause little harm to the underlying material.
Well - here is my final post on the ink mark. I received the Zaino leather cleaner and immediately went to work. No luck in removing the stain completely. The majority of what I have tried has lightened the stain. So much so, except me no one really notices. After having read quite a bit about ink on leather in the past few weeks I believe careful consideration of first treatments make a difference. I believe my initial use of 409 probably helped "set" the stain. Next time I would start with hairspray (let it sit for a few minutes to break up the ink) and wipe gently once then follow with hydrogen proxide (soak a white piece of cloth and apply like a bandage and leave on for 5 - 10 minutes). After the hydrogen proxide, I would then for the first time scrub it with a cleaner.
Don't give up yet. Carbona makes a "Stain Devil 3" product for ink and crayon. Works great on my shirt. but doesn't say NOT to use it on leather. I'd try it on a hidden area first.
Ink Stains

Alcohol seems to work pretty good.
Acura3, your solution is the best.

I usually drink my alcohol, though, and the spots suddenly disappear.:D
I know this thread's old but.....

I was watching the DIY network a couple of days ago, and low and behold...this topic came up. The "Queen of Clean" says to put cuticle remover (NOT NAIL POLISH REMOVER) on the stain and let it stay on for awhile and then remove. Don't have a clue as to the effectiveness......just wanted to pass it on as I remembered the thread!:)
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