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How much $$? / How long a wait?

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I just got my 2002 MDX in NE Philly area after waiting 5 months!

Paid MSRP plus $685 for roof rack and rear air deflector - I think I did OK.

Love the MDX so far.

What are others paying these days and how long are you waiting??
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good luck with your new baby

Some people are paying as much as $1500 - $3000 over msrp and waiting 3-6 months, you did good and make sure to pick up some zaino products for the waxing and cleaning it's amazing not like any other wax I have tried must see it to appreciate it!!!

My brother-in-law ordered an X two weeks ago. Advised that it would be about a 3 month wait. MSRP + flares. I told him to hold off on any accessories and order from Tim at H/A World. He's getting impatient already and talking X-5.
Your brother MDX

If possible tell him to wait for the 2003 MDX which will probably have a 3.8 liter 260-280 horsepower and I believe they will add the OnStar System for communication and who know's what else. Tell not to go with the BMW unless he goes for the expensive 8 cylinder with all options which is priced way to high even the 6 cylinder with the options is much more than the MDX
The 240 Horses on my X are just fine for me. Does any one feel that it's not enough?

BTW, you paid a good price for your 'X.
Still waiting...Still dreaming

I am still waiting, might be another two months. If, past that point, I projected the waiting period to the 2003 then I wonder when would one actually get it; November, December, January or February? Will the supply and demand madness still be raging? Will dealers still have waiting lists with which they can leverage forced accessory packages at inflated prices or hold bidding wars between buyers and other shenanigans?

Perhaps there will be enough improvements to make it worth it.

There is the pretty much for certain 3.8 engine. That could make things interesting in the towing and sport department. Perhaps you could come off the line against an upscale X5 or ML55 AMG (or whatever it is now) and give them a run for their money. Perhaps the towing will be up to 5000 lbs.

I read somewhere there will be a refreshing of the body style. Would this mean some body cladding without having to do it with accessories to protect against the ever possible dings? Personally, as it stands, the 2001/2002 without flares or BSM is a virtual magnet for dings with its wide body style.

I wonder what else? Nothing in the March issue of Motor Trend. Anybody else hear anything?
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240 HP is enough

IMHO I think the 240 HP is plenty of power for the MDX. It really moves out and makes passes on the highway easy. A bigger engine can only reduce the gas milage! On the highway, milage is really good but around town, it is much lower. This is only my preliminary feeling since my MDX is only 6 days old and still being broken in (two gas fill ups).

I purchased my MDX from Hillside Acura in Bay Shore, NY, MSRP and no forced options, straight forward dealer. Waited only 2 1/2 months. Definitely worth the wait.
Ordered my MDX in December with a projected three month wait - one month to go - mid-March build date! Paying MSRP - no pressure - yet - for add ons - but have told them about Tim and not to expect anything!

Can't imagine being so impatient as to bail out for the X-5 just because of a few months wait.
wlind good deal

I tried that dealer and they wanted $2000 over msrp I wound up dealing with a nassau dealer and got for $1500 over msrp. I also went with alot of options that I wanted, but dealer killed me on the cost. I received my 2002 back/ebony tour/nav in november of 2001. I guess I should of waited a little longer to get a good deal. Anyway I still love it at 3750 miles.:D
Lot's of Calls -- Got Lucky

Gave up on 1st dealer [had been on list].

Mid-December, just started dialing every dealer I could find to call. Voila ... Metro Acura had one coming in 1-1/2 weeks, right model, right color, at MSRP! Went over, signed papers, following week, picked up MDX. Guess we were lucky, know we are happy.

Had a hickup with the X this weekend causing "unexpected stop" at a remote Acura dealer in Orange County CA. They had at least 3 MDXs ON LOT FOR SALE! Found out why = MSRP + $2,000. If anyone interested, PM me, I don't want to advertise for them, their greed irks me .... others are selling MDXs at MSRP here in greater LA area [like Metro Acura].

I originally looked at the MDX in end of October 2001 and price was MSRP. I returned to Hillside in mid November and my salesman remember me and said price was now $1000 over MSRP but since I was in earlier, he would give me MSRP. At the time, I thought it was just a line. I guess it wasn't. I order the MDX but couldn't decide between black and granite green. I wanted to see the granite on actual MDX but he didnt have any. Told him to call me when one come in so that I could see it. He called me 12/6, went down and saw granite green. No green in it. Dealer placed order next day.

Forgot to mention that Hillsde also gave me free oil & filter change every 3750 miles for first 60K. Not to bad!!

Why did you have dealer install option? Hillside was also high on them. Called Tim after MDX came in, got parts in 2 days. This past weekend, my son and I installed running boards, ventshades and double bodyside molding. All pretty easy but the running boards took some time with all those bolts. I'm waiting for painted rear tailgate deflector and burlwood shift knob from Tim. Guess it's the project for next weekend. Really nerous about drilling those mounting holes in my new baby!!!

I agree with you. Great vehicle at any price. Keep enjoying your beauty. I really liked the black, real sharp looking.
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I guess I was the lucky one. Went to local Acura dealership here in Louisville, KY, was told of msrp and a 3 month wait. Was unsure, so I left.
Two weeks ago, I saw an X sitting on a BMW/Lexus dealerships lot. Called the salesmanager there, come to find out it wasn't even on his inventory list yet.
A lady, Mrs. Ruth, the owner of Ruth's candies, had driven it for 8 months and turned it in for a Lexus 470.
2001 mesa beige(non-touring), but with roof rack, cargo liner and rear muds. It only had 16,400 miles on it.
They didn't know what they had, because I went in and negotiated it down from $34,000 to $32,000 and bought it on the spot @ 5.9% for 60 months, even before it hit their inventory list.
The next day the mgr. called and said they had received about 2 dozen calls from dealers around the region wanting the X, and willing to pay the full $34,000. He mentioned he had no idea this suv was in such high demand.
I guess he'll know next time.
Bottom line is: Keep your eyes open, an X could pop up when you least expect it to.

A very happy owner in Louisville. :)
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Good Job Willoughby!

I love my MDX vehicle also.

One thing that I find interesting is that....Acura dealers at least did not screw their customers like Mazda did...Remember the time when the Mazda Miata was first introduced??? The stupid little car was such in high demand that dealers were taking bids for the car that was suppose to sell for like $15,000 MSRP starting to like OVER $40,000.00???? Some who had the car made out like a bandit! Some who bought the cars then now feel like a dumbass! The car was not even that impressive to start out with.

Am glad at least Acura dealers add accessories and then sell them or just mark a "handling" price for it which is till this day still around $1,500 to $2,500. Nevertheless, I just dont think dealers should be charging anymore than what manufacturer recommends as an MSRP. I sure hope Acural dealers stay at bay in terms of pricing this vehicle due to the demand. I foresee demands getting very very bad.
MSRP for base with Nav, no forced accessories from Metro Acura in Philly. (It was a 2 hour drive away, but worth the while...)
240 HP

wlind and GCK are right, as much as I lust after the notion of 280+ HP v-tech in the X, the current 240 is more than enough for daily use w/o compromising the fuel "economy". Heck, one poster claimed he got his X up to 130! Some publications have posted sub 8 second 0-60 times. With the exception of high zoot AMG's, Porsche Cheyennes, above 3.0 X-5's and the high risk Jeep Grand Cherokee, there are very few SUV's out there that can stay with the current iteration of the X. (Still....280+ HP hmmmmm...)
How long and How much

My wife and I placed our order for an MDX on April 14, 2001 because we were thinking of starting a family. They said 3-6 months, at MSRP. OK

In September, the dealer called to tell us it would be November. In November, they said December. In December, they said January. Really. In January, they said February.

Now, the dealer says it was built last week and is on its way. I'll believe it on the day when we have our 6 week old son strapped in the carseat in back.

So, can anyone beat 11 months of waiting, or am I biggest loser of all
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