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How long to wait in CT

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Howdy, just found this site - incredible...
Anyways, I ordered a GG w Touring on 5/26/01.
Was wondering if you ever heard of such a wait and if some dealers actually just don't deliver.
Anyone see a 02 GG yet? Can that be the holdup?
Thanks, can't wait much longer - may need to go with a Blazer - NOT!
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Waiting in CT


Not to bumm you out, but, I am also waiting in CT since mid-June first for basic MDX. I was so desparate I told them I would take first available. With new 02 colors, I now have white as first choice. My frustration is that I can't get the dealer to even tell me where I am in the queue versus others waiting for the same model. Hope you fare better than I do!
If your current dealer can't tell you an idea when you can receive your '02 MDX, what good is he? Go to another dealer!!!!
lester123 said:
If your current dealer can't tell you an idea when you can receive your '02 MDX, what good is he? Go to another dealer!!!!
That is a valid point. My Red Rock just arrived at the dealer lot and saw her the first time yesterday. My wait is almost over. After a few months of waiting, my experience is:
- The dealer should be able to tell you the approximate months of your pick up time since they should know their allocation.
- Different color comes out at different production batch but shouldn't change your projected month much. Nov 5 to Nov 7 seems to be the Red Rock time, for example.
- You should be able to know your position in the line. Our local dealer even has a book to show who are in the queue.
- Can't believe some dealers charge "forced option" since the car does not come with options anyway. I guess that's the way to get more $ from you.
Ordered GG Touring in June. Received delivery last week. Hang in there the wait is frustrating but worth it!
Which Connecticut dealers - we just placed an order at a dealer east of Hartford. Did either of you order from there?:eek:
Wait time

Many dealers are playing games, specially if you ordered base model. I placed an order with Park Ave Acura in Maywood, NJ in June was promised delivery before Christmas - now they are talking about mid February. These dealers know that by middle of next year lot more MDXs will be available so this is their last opportunity to squeeze more money out of eager buyers. Never underestimate how low car dealers can stoop!
You folks on the East should seriously consider getting the car from Florida. I have heard nothing but good stories from folks who bought their cars in Florida. I guess, the 4WDs are not that popular in that state.

For God's sake, don't buy a Blazer.
CT delivery

I avoided Devan of Norwalk, refusing to pay the $800 over MSRP or $2,000 in options. I ordered 7/6/01 from Acura of Westchester. Originally conservatively told Jan/Feb. delivery. Told yesterday, my 02 will arrive within 2 weeks. At MSRP with no required options. Larry Stauber is my salesrep.
Hi! MDX303
I also ordered my 2002 SS model with nav and touring packages on July from PArk Ave Acura in Maywood, NJ. I called my sales last week and he told me to call back in the 2nd week of Dec. He even didn't know when my build date is when I ask him about the allocation list. I think the only thing we can do now is just wait.
Park Ave

Hi MDX303 & vze23h3h

I've got both of you beat. I've been waiting since the beginning of May for my SS 182. I even changed my second choice to RR in hopes of getting my MDX sooner but it hasn't helped. I check on their build list back in the beginning of Nov. and was told that I was the third SS 182 in line but the first RR 182, but that they only had one SS being built in November (he showed me their build sheet) and I might get it in December. They also said that they did not have any RR's coming in.

I checked back last week and my salesman showed me that there was another SS 182 being built the second week of December but still no RR's coming in. He also said that his manager told him that they would only be getting in one SS 182 per month. So I guess that I should be getting mine in January.

I still haven't figured out how they order and distribute their MDX's. My salesman showed me his waiting list and there were quite a few names crossed off after my name. When I mentioned this to my salesman, he said that only names with checkmarks next to them had had their MDX's delivered and I didn't get a chance to look back in the book to see if there were any names with checkmarks after my order date.

I'm going to pester him again later in the week just to see where I stand. I keep driving through their storage lot to make sure nothing is coming in that should be for me.

Is there anybody else waiting this long at Park Avenue or in New Jersey?
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