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How do you scan pictures?

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Hey guys, I'm new here and i was woundering how do I scann pictures with my scanner, and scan it to the gallery section. I want to post it as a new tread. Can any of yall tell me how to do it?

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MDXalways said: do I scann pictures with my scanner, and scan it to the gallery section. ..
Welcome to the site!

Scanning picture is part of your scanner function. Your scanner should have come with software that lets you scan and save pictures. It has nothing to do with this web site's feature.

Once you have the pictures on hand (on your computer), all you need to do is to create or reply message llike you did and do picture attachment.

Here is my sample link:
Some General Hints

In the space available and without knowing the exact model scanner you are using it will only be possible to give some very general suggestions.
1. Scanning - Presuming that you are scanning a photograph - be sure that the scanner is set to "photo quality" not "color document" or "line drawing" - the words may vary but you should be able to pick the correct setting.
2. The output - Your scanner may have an automatic setting for "scan for web" which will make sizing the picture easier. If not, bear in mind that web images cannot be too large or they will burn up too much bandwidth (loading time). Make sure that the final image is saved as a JPEG (xxx.jpg) file with a quality setting in about the mid-range ( 5 on a 10-point scale). The total size of the image (in pixels) should be no larger than about 250 - 350 pixels wide (or approximately 4" x 5" at 72 DPI if your scanner uses "print" sizes" This should keep you under the 100 KB total image size allowed on this forum. If an image is larger than 100 KB you must reduce either the image size (pixel x pixel) or lower the quality setting on the JPEG file. You will avoid potential problems if you always keep file names in the 8.3 format (i.e. xxxxxxxx.jpg) the name not more than eight letters and all lower case. Do not have spaces in the name, use "_" instead of the space.
3)There are two ways to post images at You can use the "Attach file:" function at the bottom of the text entry window and "Browse" to the location of the file on your computer. This has the advantage of actually uploading the image to the acuramdx website so that you do not have to maintain a web location of your own to house the images.
The second method is to use the vB code. You can get the instruction for this by clicking on the "[img]" under "Forum Rules" at the bottom of the posting entry page:
"To include a picture or graphic within the body of your message, you can simply surround the address of the image as shown here:
[imx][/imx] (I used [imx] instead of [img] here because otherwise it wouldn't show up since it would be activate the vB coding in this forum)

Note that the [url]http://[/url] part of the image URL is required for the [img] code."

Note: that the vB [img] code is not activated in all forums and as a rule you are encouraged to post pictures in the "Gallery" forum where both the vB [img] and the "Attach File" method are active. If you use the vB [img] method, you must have a valid URL addressable web site where you can maintain the images.

I hope this is of some help. If you have any further questions give a shout.

Meep Meep
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