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I don’t think that is a GOOD idea!
I would replace the seat cover, or look for a pick your parts salvage car to get a seat from. I had the same perforated seats in my 04 Honda Pilot, after a few visits to the local salvage yard until a clean seat showed up. I only took the bottom part of the seat, $20.
With perforated leather, replacement might be your only idea. The repair recommendation a few posts above is understandable, but very difficult for perforated leather as any patch will have to line up with the perforation of the seat. Plus, it can get expensive.

I had to buy leather covers for my 2006 MDX as the vehicle itself was outlasting the leather. If the rest of the seat looks good, I think finding a matching bottom - or bottom cover - is your best bet.

Here's an example of my perforated saddle leather replacement (OEM material)...keep in mind $177 will be cheaper than having a leather craftsman repair your seat...

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