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Hot wiring the 12V accessory recepticle

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Has anyone tried to power their 12V accessory recepticles with "full time" power, instead of the " ignition on " limitation. I would prefer to leave my cell phone "pluged in" and constantly charging. Leaving it pluged in now drains the cell battery. The acura service dept. didn't have an immediate answer when I called with this question.
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I know this has been done and there is a thread for it,
can't remeber where it is- do a search and I'm sure you will find it :)
Found a Thread

Found this thread- Hope it helps.

I guess I was wrong- it's not that easy.
Thank you for threading the needle. There appears to be no easy solution, but I'm pretty dangerous with a voltage multitester, so I'll go in search of the holy grail hot circut and report back later.
I just paid $35.

I just took my MDX to a local stereo shop -- Tweeter if you live in the northeast -- They charged me $35 to wire the center console outlet to be always on. They also offered to do the flip down one for another $15 or 20.

I took them about a half hour, and they did a great job -- super clean, no wires, dedicated fuse for it. I leave my phone plugged in there all of the time.

I used to do stereo install back in college, and this job was much nicer than how I would've done it. -- You might want to look into this route.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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