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Hi there! I'm Jenna in Houston. Hopefully will be a first time MDX owner by the end of the year. This forum has been helpful with information and opinions during my researching, so figured I'd create an account.

I currently drive a 2012 Civic EX-L that I bought brand new in May 2011. It was my first NEW car and if my husband gets his way it'll be my last... I won't say he's cheap but he definitely doesn't like to spend more money than absolutely necessary. Lol. (A trait that I tend to appreciate but also really hate sometimes.) He bought a 2005 TL brand new (his first brand new car experience and "now he has that out of his system") and drove it for 10 years before finally trading in. Even then he didn't want to, he loooved that car, but it was 10 years old and growing quirks. And we needed a truck, 'cuz... y'know, TEXAS and stuff.

Now due to my husband's new job and possibly needing to use my car more for commuting, it's looking like we may be in the market for a third car. I've been bugging him for an SUV for a couple years so I'm a happy girl. He's a not so happy boy with the idea of having a car payment again for the first time in years.

I've started doing some test drives and research to decide what I want so that when we are ready to make a purchase, I'm ready to move in on what I want. I narrowed down my interest in our budget to a Pilot or a Highlander, but after test driving both I wasn't really sold either way. If I could have combined the two vehicles, I'd have been more happy but meh. So, I went out of our budget a little bit and test drove an MDX and immediately felt the fit I was looking for.

We obviously don't buy vehicles very often so it's important that I be super happy with whatever we do end up buying. I want to make sure I get all the features I really want. I started researching a couple years used thinking I could be happy and get a better deal, but it's looking like I'm leaning towards a 2017 Base to get everything I want and don't want. ... Which puts us a little outside the budget that DH would like us to be in. He's more than happy I decided on an Acura, but not happy on the fact that I'm not sold on going more used. So, we've been keeping our eyes open for a gently used CPO in the color I want, or waiting until the 2018's FINALLY hit the lots to hopefully get a better deal on a new 2017.

Wish me luck!
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