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hi everyone, my name is Dave and I am a big contributor to the Acurazine forum with the same user name (over 3000 posts from the past 8 years). i currently own and drive a 2008 Acura TL Type S (fully modded about 300 hp to the wheels) and am the original owner. i do all my own work on the car except for the big timing belt job. once i get enough posts i'll add the link to my progress thread on that car that's documented on acurazine.

i didn't see much on Acurazine relating to 3G MDX items so i figured i'd join here and join the discussions! we are currently looking to purchase a 2015 MDX for my wife (she currently has a 2006 honda civic two door that does not work for a baby on the way) and have an mdx nailed down that we think is going to work for us regarding price and options, and it might go through this weekend.

looking forward to joining in on the discussions, i'm a very big car guy and love doing DIYs on my cars! being an engineer i'm very detailed oriented and hopefully can contribute some DIY threads to the forum
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