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Further testament to Honda's engineering might. Check out this link and read the article, and then if you're an engine junky (like I am) you'll be very interested in the dyno test on part II !! Look at that torque curve from 4000 rpm onwards. Amazing. And on regular gas too! Notice though it's an AUTOMATIC so they had to ascertain how to best dyno the car, their idea sounds good to me, but also notice the drop in torque at 6800 rpm, it may be a timing thing? Maybe it will benefit after all from premium? Maybe the 6-spd cars won't exhibit that behavior?

ALso don't forget to watch the video of the dyno test! Listen to that engine, incredible, and actually, almost strange that they offer such an "almost exotic" sounding motor in a car costing in the mid 20s (or upper 20s with the goodies).

Geez, now with the new NAV (which is even better than the MDX one due to added voice commands) I think this car renders the TL useless. I mean my buddy just bought a coupe fully loaded for something like 28K or 29K, which is less than the CL Type S by at least 2 grand. It doesn't have tiptronic, nor xenon lights, and 1 year less std. warranty, but geez, look at the performance and styling and price! The sedan looks OK, the coupe looks great.

Ok Ok enough, check out the link:
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