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Honda Dealership Circular shows......

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some really cool Honda Optional equipment for the MDX.
I was at my local Acura of Serramonte dealership because a friend of mine was looking at the CL Type S. My salesperson told me he was reading a magazine circulated for Acura dealerships and in it he found a few cool things that will be offered for the MDX.
1. Black housing headlights with cleared out turn signals. This is definitely on my wish list.
2. Dual exhaust option.
3. Body kit for the MDX.
Unfortunately he could not confirm when and where it will be available, maybe this is just for the Canadian market. His boss that had a 2001 MDX who just traded it in for a White 2002 MDX is trying to trace these items down. Maybe Tim can give us the skinny on these parts. My salesman said when he gets the copy he was going to photocopy that page from the magazine for me and he will let me know where to order it.
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That's news to me. And I just talked to the Honda reps not long ago. Are you sure this was factory stuff? The blacked out headlights with clear turns sound more like a Japan market product.....which can't be since the MDX isn't available there.

I also know that Acura is very sheepish about making body kits available....that's why there is nothing on the market for the CL. They are afraid they'll be stuck with hundreds of them unsold as they were with the Integra body kits (aftermarkets were more popular and cheaper).

Keep us informed if you get any more info.
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