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Anyone take a close look at this vehicle? My wife has an MDX - 13 months old and 20k miles. Loves it.

We are looking for a second vehicle. I am getting rid of a BMW sedan and looking for something to haul 3 kids in. I'm going to be Mr. Mom for the next year or so, so I need something more practical than my bimmer. Would rather not get a 2nd car the same as my wifes, so I'm looking at the Highlander

Thoughts anyone?

Thanks in advance!
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Markedoc said:
I guess it's going to come down to price. Highlander dealer will wheel and deal more. Comparably equipped I guess you're talking about a loaded Highlander for about $35k and a MDX Touring for about $38k. Acura won't budge off of MSRP and Toyota will, so I guess it comes down to how far I cane get Toyota to come off of sticker. If her come $2k down from MSRP, then the difference is $5k. Granted the MDX has features the Highlander doesn't, too.

If it's a second car, why not get the MDX w/o touring and save $3K?? I am not sure if you can fit 3 kids comfortably in the second row of the HL (MDX is a bit wider). If you need it for 3 kids, the MDX makes more sense to me and cutting the touring package will bring you closer to the HL price. This was my strategy after I initially planned on getting the HL (although mine was a "first" car not a second).
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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